I will when I….

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The Last Holiday is a movie that reminds me on not holding off the things that you desire to do. Ever so often we tell ourselves…”wait until I have more time then I will…” or “when I can afford it, then I will…”…etc etc etc.

As I coach my clients…i tell them that they are sitting on money, resources and opportunities…and oftentimes, these resources are unused because of the reasons we often tell ourselves why we do not do the things we so desire.

So do not hold off what you want to do. Find the ways and use your resources to get to your goals and dreams.

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It’s so important to me to get supported in my growth with a coach. Someone who can see my blind spots so that my growth happens. Someone who questions my viewpoints and gets me to see various ways I can grow in my business and personal life.

I love my horseriding, archery, horseback archery, and business coaches that I work with. They really push me out of my comfort zones with the intention for me to see how much I am actually capable of.

So many people try to do things their own way expecting fast results or do not believe in getting supported by hiring a coach as support. They often give up when it gets uncomfortable or just resign from their goals and dreams.

Let us all be the best version of ourselves. Go and discover your own strengths and talents and use them during your lifetime to add value in this world for the people, planet, and for your soul. Do not be afraid to get supported.

As for me, I love coaching and mentoring leaders, business owners, and women who are ready to grow and develop their Feminine Leadership and help others thrive along the way. If you are that person, DM me. I would love to have a conversation with heart-centered people who aim to do life better and DO GOOD through their work and business.

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When building a business or work relationship, it’s best not to use the phrase. “we are your family”.

It gives loose boundaries in the relationship. How often have I heard people say “we are family” when someone joins a business or an organisation. And when the person leaves the company, they are no longer contacted or given any time. Families do not do that.

Say it as it is. It is a business relationship. A business relationship too has LOVE & RESPECT when there are clear boundaries. And the relationship is joyful.
Also, be respectful when it’s a business relationship, and like any relationship, (including marriages)…there are respectful (and loving) boundaries that have to be set up as agreed by both parties. LOVE & RESPECT!

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Do you get jealous ?

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Being jealous of other people’s success indicates that you desire that success for yourself. Go work towards it for yourself and be truly happy for other people’s success.

Being jealous and unhappy with other people’s success also comes from a space of lack and scarcity. Remember that God is ABUNDANT. Have Faith. Trust HIM. You too will receive !

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Hear both sides of the story

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It is so easy to believe a story when you hear one side of it only. Before you judge, hear both sides of the story and make your decision on how you will deal with it.

What if the person that was attacked, gossiped about, or accused of is actually innocent or was forced to commit the act that was hated. What if the person who was accused is in fact a very kind and loving person.

Have you experienced someone who gossiped about someone else and when you got to know the person who was being gossiped about, you learn that he/she is actually a good-hearted person who does not even say bad things about others.

So don’t be quick to believe every gossip, hearsay, or opinion about someone. Go do your own research and see both sides of the story. Or better…just stay aware from gossipers or “well-meaning” people who like to “warn” others about people they cannot get along with. Let’s live life with LOVE & RESPECT. That is how sustainable communities thrive.

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Remember the people who helped you

 #Reflection #Sharing :
Remember the people who helped you when you were down. Acknowledge the people who made an effort to refer clients, and contacts, and bring you to your new elevated career positions, networks, and business opportunities that you have received. Thank your teachers, coaches, and mentors who led you to where you are now. Focus and reward your biggest supporters and ideal clients rather than trying to get those who do not support you, to begin with to like you. Do not take your supporters and ideal clients for granted.
And the list goes on… #Truestory One of my clients used to mentor someone who was new and very much her junior in her organisation. Her mentee somehow got promoted ahead of her. Instead of thanking and acknowledging her, the “mentee” used her new position to put her and all those who used to be her seniors’ work down in front of other people. Not cool.
I helped my client to release those toxic resentments towards her (once) mentee but this case is a reminder to me too to be grateful to those who helped me when I was down and to acknowledge the people who gave me the opportunities to achieve those breakthroughs. Always remember, Gratitude is high on that emotional scale that attracts GOOD in your life. EGO and arrogance are toxic energies that are dangerous for the person having them. Gratitude can heal.

Just thought of sharing that story and reminder today. Have a wonderful week everyone. LOVE & RESPECT. #murshidahsaidcoaching #murshidahsaidsharing #murshidahsaid #loveandrespectcoach #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespect #internationalcoach #sundayvibes #feminineleadershipcommunity #feminineleaders #loveandrespecttransforms #fromsmallthingsbigthingsgrow

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A homeless person gave me money

#Personal#Experience : Did I ever share the story about a homeless woman with a child who once gave me RM20? Yes. It did happen.

Some years ago, I made a connection with a lady with a child who was homeless while my family and I were doing our street feeding rounds. She kept in touch with me and called me one day to say that she had gotten enough money to stay in a budget hotel for a few nights. One of the days where I was in the area, she invited me to meet her at the hotel and told me of some income opportunities she has and wanted me to give her some support. I didn’t know what “support” she meant and after a long update conversation, she asked me for some money so that she can get some clothes to re-sell and the amount she was asking for was RM100. I didn’t have any cash with me at that time and it was getting dark but I told her that I will go to the ATM to get some cash and will give her the money before I head home. She then asked me where I parked my car (and it was a pretty dark area at night) and she said in Malay, “Never mind. It’s getting dark. We can meet another time and you can pass me the money.” And then she asked me if I had money to pay for the car park. I said No. That is why I am OK to walk to the nearest ATM and get some money.

She then told me to not go to the ATM and instead looked at all the money she had with her (about RM80 plus some change) and gave me RM20. I didn’t want to accept the money because I believe she needed it more. She said, “If the money is really mine, it will come back to me” and insisted that I take the RM20 from her and not go to the ATM because she says it’s not safe when it’s dark.

True enough. I needed that RM20. The car park ticket cost me RM6. I called her the next day to say that I would like to give her some money to help her start her mini retail clothes business. She told me she received a call that day from a company that was hiring low-income single mothers as part of their CSR and someone had submitted her name as a recommendation. She was going to do telemarketing and sales and she will be getting lodging too for her and her young son. Apparently, she has been actively networking too to get back on her feet.

We stayed in touch (on and off) for about a year and the last connection I had with her was a call from her assistant at a company she was working at to invite me to a lunch event. I turned it down as I was traveling a lot at the time. But the story of this lady was powerful to me. No. Not every one of the homeless is an ex-convict or a drug addict. Her story was a case of the wrong relationship that she got involved with which led her to be homeless and penniless. I remembered what she said. “If the money is mine, it will come back to me.” The money came back to her many times back. Even though we lost touch…I still cherish the learning I received from that one encounter. True Story. LOVE & RESPECT. #murshidahsaid#murshidahsaidsharing#murshidahsaidcoaching#loveandrespect#spreadloveandrespect#socialimpact#consciousbusinessowner #loveandrespectcoach

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OK…so I am known as a woman of colour…

#Personal#Sharing : Interesting that I was invited to a community of changemaker women as a “woman of colour” ( because the community is for women of colour).

Coming from this part of the world, I have never identified with the term “colour” as race is defined differently here. Of course, I am grateful to be invited into a community where coming from Asia I am the minority in the group too…and I understand the term but I never thought of myself described as a “coloured”.

So as how many different countries define various minority groups, or define people based on race (here it is Malay, Chinese, Indian, Eurasian/Others)…I wonder when we can have a world where we do not have to define people by their “colour” or “race” because we are all so diverse, so blended and so colourful already. Can we all unite under Humanity instead? And live with LOVE & RESPECT for one another no matter their “colour” ? #murshidahsaid#murshidahsaidsharing#murshidahsaidcoaching#loveandrespectcoach#loveandrespect#spreadloveandrespect#leavealegacyconsciousbusinesscommunity#leavealegacy#feminineleadershipcommunity#feminineleaders#feminineleadership

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Is Your Partnership Ideal?

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I just coached one of my clients on having ideal partnerships. Just as we have ideal clients in our business, you must also work on ideal partnerships (in both your business and personal lives).
Partnerships should not be tipped in the scale of the balance of power. Is one of them expecting something more than agreed? Are there new requests that were not agreed on in the past? Is there distrust? Does the energy alignment feel off in certain areas and yet not discussed? Does one of the partners often tell the other what to do or often give unsolicited advice? Does one partner often feel unacknowledged? Does one of the partners speak negatively about the other to others?
So grateful that I received feedback from my clients that they managed to finetune their partnership agreements as just some possible red flags did show up.
I have made many mistakes with narcissistic partners and collaborators in the past… so it helps so much when I hire a coach and a team of consultants who can give input from a neutral perspective on directions that are recommended.
So in any partnership, TRUST is key. Having a common purpose is KEY. Partnerships must be in JOY & PURPOSE…otherwise, it’s a waste of time and energy.
So have a wonderful week ahead, lovelies. May you all have JOYFUL partnerships filled with LOVE & RESPECT. #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespect #consciousbusinessowners #feminineleaders #socialimpactinvestors #sustainablelifestyle #sustainableliving #murshidahsaidcoaching #loveandrespectcoach #internationalcoach #loveandrespecttransforms #fromsmallthingsbigthingsgrow #sustainablelifestyle #tip #mindset #queenmindset #FeminineLeadershipTip #feminineleadershipcommunity #saturday #saturdayvibes #partnerships #businesstip

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Someone did something bad to me !

#Personal #Empowerment #Tip :
If someone has done something bad unto you, look back at yourself to check if you have also done that to others. Then make the decision to stop EVER from doing it again. For example, if you felt hurt when someone gossips about you…be sure to NEVER do that to others. If you have felt hurt when someone gave you a hard time at work, make sure you do not do the same to others and stop that behavior when you see someone else doing the same to others. If you felt oppressed or manipulated by someone narcissistic, do not do the same to others you deem “weaker”.
Most of the time, we keep quiet and allow negative situations to just happen and prolonged. Worse if we are even a part of that or see and know abuse and oppression in front of us and just allow that to happen.
In order for us to create a better life for ourselves and others, it’s important to really live with LOVE & RESPECT. So think about the time you have been hurt, cheated, talked down to, or oppressed. Because you know how it feels… DO NOT ever do the same to others and STOP it when you witness it done unto others too. It’s time we discontinue any wrongdoings from generations past and create a more positive and loving world and culture. DO IT. LOVE & RESPECT ! Connect with me if you would like to be supported to grow your communities. All links in my IG bio. #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #loveandrespectcoach #murshidahsaidcoaching #changemaker #livingwithloveandrespect #feminineleadershipcommunity #feminineleaders #feminineleadership #personalempowerment #release #loveandrespecttransforms #sustainablelifestyle #sustainableliving #loveandrespecttransforms #fromsmallthingsbigthingsgrow #loveandrespectcoach #murshidahsaidcoaching #fridaymotivation #happyfriday #jumaatmubarak

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