The outer world and the inner world

The Law of Consciousness states that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world.

Oftentimes, people get upset, angry, depressed, or afraid with certain things they perceive in their outer world. In order for you to work on your perceptions and perspectives in what you experience in life, it is critical to work on your inner world. So focus on how you can shift that life experience to something more positive and has meaning by working on your mindset, beliefs, emotional management, and spiritual strength. All these inner work with reflect in your physical world and how you live your life.

What helps too is when you be part of a community that empowers and gets you out of the norm that you desire to get out…and that for sure will be uncomfortable and not easy. But it makes so much difference when you have that community support to grow you and elevate you. I encourage you to get to know mine. I encourage you too to build your own. So let’s connect with me via DM or book here

Author Roy T. Bennett says, “The outer world is a reflection of the inner world. Other people’s perception of you is a reflection of them. Your response to them is an awareness of you.”

When you live your life with LOVE & RESPECT, you get to create the world you desire. #murshidahsaidcoaching #murshidahsaidsharing #murshidahsaid #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespect #leavealegacyconsciousbusinesscommunity #feminineleadershipcommunity #feminineleaders #consciousbusinessownersScreenshot_20200805_080449

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On Entitlement

“Entitlement” means “believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.” Often because of status, race, religion, gender, family background, etc.

This mindset of entitlement often makes a person in fact always in the mindset of “victim” or “princessy”, and this in fact weakens a person and never gets him/her to true success. An empowered person will go for their own goals and craft their own paths while taking actions on their own without expecting handouts or “grants” or gifts. So often I hear people say “if only I have money…then I will…”, or “I wish someone would give me________ so I can succeed” or “so and so never gives me_______, that’s why I cannot succeed” or “do they know who my father is…that is why I deserve to get …..” The feeling of entitlement in fact will ALWAYS make you feel insecure and inadequate and you will ALWAYS be a Victim. And you will feel without that name, title, family, race, husband, etc… will in fact be NOTHING. How dis-empowering!

So let us not be people who feel we should always get something more than others just because we feel entitled. So craft your own paths. Create your own money. Increase your own value by adding value to others. GIVE and you will RECEIVE. Live your life with LOVE & RESPECT instead of ENTITLEMENT. #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespect #empowerment #feminineleader


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So sad to see you drive a Kancil.

I remember someone once told me back in 2007,”I feel sad when I see such a nice and hardworking couple like you drive a Kancil”. I remember too being taken aback by the comment. The car we drove was a small rented one that time. It got us to places like Penang, Melaka, Trengganu, Kelantan, Johor or whenever I had a training job. We were so happy and the last thing I thought at that time was that it was not good enough. It was perfect for a small family like ours and suited our lifestyle and budget. I remember also since the RM2 to RM20,000 fiasco back in 2006, when we were scaling up our lifestyle and growing our training and speaking business from scratch,…that we were not in lack and everything felt sufficient. So when someone said that they feel sad to see us drive such a pathetic looking sized car, I also told myself at that time to not judge people based on what I see on the outside. True enough over the years, I have met people who live so lavishly and yet just complain of the lack of money all the time…. and I have met “very simple looking” aunties who do not hesitate to give thousands of dollars when they find out about a poor person in need. Let us also learn to refrain from giving unsolicited comments on things we do not fully understand about other people based on our own perspectives. Let’s respect one another. That is how we can all live with LOVE & RESPECT. #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #murshidahsaidcoaching #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespectIMG_20200712_072827_392

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When I work with professionals, business owners, corporate executives and even those from marginalised communities, I notice those who often succeed better and achieve their desired goals faster than others. They are the once who do not make excuses, complain about lack and expect others to give to them. They do not use excuses like “if only I had more money then I can…” or “I would love to but I don’t have the money”, or “I cannot go to the training because its too far…” I have noticed that there are some from the marginalised communities even find ways to raise funds for enough transport money to attend a class and do not make excuses. They learn and use the knowledge to apply and make consistent changes in their lives instead of bringing up all the reasons and obstacles of why they cannot. That I see the difference between those who will succeed and those who remain stuck in their lives. Lets live our lives with LOVE & RESPECT instead of making excuses of why we can’t. #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #spreadloveandrespect #loveandrespectScreenshot_20200706_231447



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Use inherited money to Spread Love & Respect

Screenshot_20200614_170350Let’s talk Money inheritance and family. So often family members fight over money over the property or the material wealth left by a deceased family member. For those who have a clear will and when everyone accepts the final distribution according to the law (whether its religion based or not), then there will not be squabbles. But when siblings or relatives, or family members fight over the money that they think belong to them, that is where a lot of hurt, disharmony and resentment result.

So let’s rethink how we view money left by a deceased. If that money was not built by you and you receive it as an inheritance…and you are of sane mind, able, and an adult…use the money to bless those who are more in need. That money is not yours and not from your own efforts…but a responsibility instead. Spread that wealth and mention the blessings to be given to the person who built it and left it. It was that person’s legacy. So many people forget that inherited money is not from their own efforts or energy…and they think its theirs. This is also due to poor money beliefs, and they think that they cannot create or earn the money on their own otherwise.

That’s why having healthy Money Beliefs can create a Healthy and Happier life and relationships. Use inherited money to Spread Love & Respect and pray for the person who left that money to be used for Good and to add value to others. Do not fight over it and destroy relationships and the blessings of the wealth left is lost. We are on reboot now. So this is the time to instill new positive beliefs, habits and culture in your life. Go live your life with LOVE & RESPECT. #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespect #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #livewithloveandrespect

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Be Authentic to Ourselves and Each Other

Screenshot_20200329_135313There are pros and cons to the culture of not wanting to offend people. It is good because people will not say anything nasty directly to one another. It is not good when that turns instead to gossip and talking bad about the person to others behind their backs. I have seen this turn to manipulative tactics in teams, unhealthy office politics, cheating in relationships, being hypocritical, etc.
Can we turn this culture instead to learning to communicate better with each other and learn to speak with LOVE & RESPECT despite differences in opinions or perspectives. Learn to accept that there various views even if you do not agree with them. And still LOVE & RESPECT one another even if you have differences in opinions. Let us be authentic with ourselves and with each other. This will create better relationships, communities and culture. Let us live with LOVE & RESPECT! #murshidahsaid #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespect #livingwithloveandrespect #livelifewithloveandrespect

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Invest in your personal development

Oftentimes people want free stuff (including education and training). Money is energy and I notice that those who only go for free stuff, do not scale or grow in their mindsets as they are not willing to invest or exchange energetically for something of value in return.

Even in various Whatsapp groups the quality of discussions in the “free” groups as compared to those who invest to join a community differ so much. I am so grateful that I invested in high level communities and there is so much difference in the mindsets of those who give and receive value as opposed to those who only want to take things for free. It also shows how the mindsets of those who can attract money easily differs to those who constantly struggle and complain.

This is the Money Mindset that I have learned so much about the last few years…and I see so much developments in my life within the years. In conjunction with International Women’s Day this March, I am offering to work with those who are serious to change and transform their mindsets around money and transform their money story to attract money easily in their lives. PM me to book a free call to see if you are ready to quit the phrase…”I don’t have the money”… #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidcoaching #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespect #moneystory #manifestmoney #moneyblocksScreenshot_20200311_002341

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Be around people who lift you higher

Its so important to be around a community of empowering people. The people you surround yourself with are a reflection of your values, incomes, intellect. Be around people who will only lift you higher and encourage you to be the best version of yourself.
I have in my past, been around energy draining people who like to talk down to me and also about others behind their backs. What I notice now is that when I was around those negative people who do not recognize people’s worth and are narcissistic, my income was not scaling up. My impact and helping others was miniscule because the people I was mixing with at that time were not interested to go down to go the ground to solve problems and help those in need.
Until I made a conscious decision to break away from any negative circles…found myself sourcing out a more empowering circle… and I started travelling around the world to be around different mindsets and high vibe people. I focused on getting connected with amazing people who do good, empower others, lift people up, and push me to be the best version on myself while growing my own business and message…..I saw a major shift in my life, my relationships and my incomes.
Be aware of the people you surround yourself with. Your surrounding and your circle of friends reflect who you are too. That is why I am also consciously starting a community of conscious business owners and professionals who aim to do good through their business and career. PM me if you are keen to know how you can be a part of my community. Lets have friends and a circle that live with LOVE & RESPECT. #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespect

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Leaders Empower

I have met some people who are already in leadership positions putting others down. The people they talk down to or talk down about may be working for them or be their “competitor”. A secure leader does not need to talk down just to show they are in a higher position.
Empower instead of disempowering others. That is how a community develops, grows and excels. So lead with LOVE & RESPECT. That is how you get LOVE & RESPECT! #murshidahsaidcoaching #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #livelifewithloveandrespect #livingwithloveandrespect #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespect #loveandrespectcoach #leadership #feminineleadership #feminineleadersScreenshot_20200215_111955

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Do not become Crabs in a Bucket

Do not be jealous of others’ successes. Do not put down other people’s dreams. Successful people all had haters and people saying that their business model won’t work, their ideas are unrealistic or some even stop them or create obstacles in order for them to fail in pursuing their goals and dreams.
This “Crabs in a Bucket” phenomenon exists in many communities. The concept that crabs in a bucket will try to escape. If they left each other alone, and let their fellow crabs climb, they’d easily be able to get out of the bucket.
Instead, what happens is as a crab will try to climb out of the bucket, other crabs will pull him down. This makes sure that no matter how hard any of them work – none of them make it out. So everyone stays in status quo, struggling all their lives.
This “if I can’t get it, then you shouldn’t too” mindset has got to go !. A community where LOVE & RESPECT exists encourages the dreamers as they can possibly create breakthroughs for the community.
Let’s reflect on this. In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend filled with LOVE & RESPECT! #murshidahsaidcoaching #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #livingwithloveandrespect #livelifewithloveandrespect #loveandrespectcoach #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespectScreenshot_20200216_015739

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