Malicious people and how to detect them….

Having been in business and working on many projects involving all kinds of people, I know it is important to work in a good team that you can trust and be authentic. There were occasions when even while doing charity work involves jealousy and gossip. That is why I aim to make sure the team is positive and forward looking and not malicious.

These evil acts of gossip due to envy just destroy every good intentions. Let us make it a habit of not listening to whines and complains about others. If you are unhappy with someone, tell the person himself and give solutions. Also ask yourself, how can I change to make it better.

“Don’t listen to the malicious comments of those friends who, never taking any risks themselves, can only see other people’s failures.” (Paulo Coelho, Eleven Minutes) ‪#‎spreadloveandrespect‬

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Money is not enough

We had an interesting conversation in the taxi this morning going to the airport. Taxi driver used to be a bodyguard for some very wealthy individuals and somehow as usual, our topic of discussion comes back to LOVE & RESPECT. He said on the outside, the people whom he used to protect and be personal guards for are admired and envied and people aim to be like them. What the public do not realise is that the wealthy people he works for are not in peace and always stressed out and unhappy.
I share about the people I meet and many are constantly stressed out and working so hard thinking things will get better when they have more money and “higher” positions or they will be happy if only they have another person in a relationship. Some are willing to get there hurting others along the way, thinking that is success. Of course I know no matter how high their positions are or the bigger the bank account, or how beautiful their partner may be, they still do not have peace.
Zeal Zainuddin attends many seminars and most of the talks he notices sells the idea of getting rich materially all the time. And people STILL think that is the solution to all the problems.
We are grateful to have experienced both sides. We know PEACE and HAPPINESS is not achieved when you have money only. I am sure many would disagree with me though. My message is to show otherwise. Economy may grow but not happiness. “Development” has improved but not humanity. Come with me on this journey. Lets start being aware of what is really going on. Educate and spread the awareness. Join me to SPREAD LOVE & RESPECT. Before that…learn what that REALLY means. ‪#‎spreadloveandrespect‬

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People who complain are not grateful people!

Do you notice how negative, whiny and people who always complain about others, drain your energy? No one wants to be around those people and HATE has not done anything GOOD in this world. Let us NOT be one of those people. EMPOWER, EDIFY, STAY POSITIVE and BE solutions focused. People who always complain are not GRATEFUL people. Remember there is always something to be grateful for. “If you are grateful, I shall certainly give you increase” [Qur’an, 14:7]
“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” Oprah Winfrey
#gratitude #spreadloveandrespect

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Stay United !

We know that “UNITY is STRENGTH” and “TOGETHER WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL”…and yet many of us in the world today do not practice this. We have become people of blame and accusations. When good things happen, they say its due to them and when bad things happen they start pointing fingers.

This happens at the individual level, between spouses, within families, and organisations. No one wants to stand up for another or discuss problems and go through the challenges together. Instead, even within groups doing good work like charities, there are back biting and instigators.

Look, no one is perfect. Everyone is learning in this world but when we create divisions and labels, we are in fact weakening ourselves. Look at the state of the world today. Look at how many families are still in tact. No one wants to go through the challenges and work through challenges together. People who often give up just because its too hard to deal with problems, will always be dealing with similar problems over and over again throughout their lives. When you see people get back together and mend relationships, REJOICE and do not be suspicious of their intent.
Enough with divisions, labels, titles, and saying who is better than whom. Everyone, lets build bridges. The world is torn apart already for us to be adding more tears. And for Muslims, remember this hadith from our beloved Prophet saw, “Allah is One and likes Unity.” (Hadith Muslim). Stay UNITED!#spreadloveandrespect

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We were in Cambodia!

spread love in cambodia

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So depressing…so much HATE..

It seems like at this point in time we all see a lot of doom and gloom with what is happening in the world today from social media, and from local and international news. Remember that what we focus on EXPANDS. With every challenge and problems we see NOW, we know that things did not just happen overnight. Some things that were mistakes done in the past and thoughts implanted based on anger, hate, greed, etc – are all starting to surface NOW. If not stopped and perpetuated, bigger problems will surface in the future.

This is the time where one must reflect, educate, learn and be aware of what really is happening and how these problems come about. Do not be sucked into further HATE. Start to think as a HUMAN and learn to LOVE. Do not be sucked into labels, labeling others, bullying, picking at other’s faults, judgments. Do onto others the way you want them to be done unto you. Simple. Always think. What if that person was me. What if that was to happen to me.

Stop the HATE from growing bigger. SPREAD THE LOVE AND RESPECT. All LOVE ADVOCATES around the world, you know who you are. Step up to educate, reach out, give awareness, take POSITIVE ACTION. People around the world need to get back to HUMANITY. Start doing things differently. Start focusing on solutions. Start locally. (students of Zeal Zainuddin and I – remember to carry that BALL OF LOVE) Lots of work to be done…#spreadloveandrespect

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Its the fault of the homeless, the poor, the women, the children, and the weak !

There has been a lot of negative emotions in the air lately with sad news of deaths of loved ones, and more news of people facing challenges in Ramadan (those near to us as well as in distant lands). We get news about killings of women and children in war zones and occupied territories, the poor and homeless being rejected and accused of laziness, and Samaritans who are threatened with persecution if caught giving help to others. My family and I too have been receiving our fair share of some sad news and challenges. How do I keep looking up when gloom appears to be everywhere ?
1. Be grateful. With whatever we have, always believe its more than enough. I believe there are people who love me even when sometimes I do feel lonely. I believe that something better will always come even when I lose something. And being grateful never disappoints.
2. Forgive everything and everyone. I do have my share of anger and frustration with leadership. How some people lead countries and the world and create anger, delusion and chaos rather than LOVE and PURPOSE. Often too, we see things from our perspectives and get upset with those who deal differently from our way of thinking. It is hard but I do make an effort to forgive and pray for them.
3. GIVE. Keep on giving and looking for various ways to give. I learned that giving charity and doing work where the intention of GIVING is set, I am at peace and my relationships and finances actually improve.
4, Be solutions focused. With all these problems happening in the world, let us reflect the root cause. What CAN I DO so that these problems will not happen in the future.

These questions and actions lead to your purpose. Some of you have asked me via FB, whatsapp and phone calls about my perspective on the feeding of the homeless and the poor and what I think about the ban and fine imposed, I stick to what is TRUTH and focus on my intention on the GIVING. This message in the Quran is my reminder as it has been prophesied that what is good will be stopped and what is bad will be allowed in the end of times. We have already expected this but we need to know which side we must remain. “Have you seen him who denies the Recompense? That is he who repulses the orphan (harshly) , and urges not on the feeding of al-Miskeen the poor” (Al-Quran 107:1-3)

streetfeed 3 june2

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Your child is slow…

You may not be aware that one of the reasons why I am so passionate about spreading and educating the values of LOVE & RESPECT, is because for a long time in my life, I did not feel LOVE & RESPECT. Many incidents in my life but I will share one for now. Today, one incident happened that triggered a memory from my past of a person in authority, a teacher. When I was 8 years old. I could not grasp Maths, didn’t understand anything about it and I was labelled lazy, slow and stupid by the teacher in front of my class. I believed I was that until my late mother realized something was not right and took responsibility. She started to teach me Maths herself and got my confidence back up through empowerment. By that time I was about 10 and she was going through cancer treatments. I went on to do Maths as a minor in University. I revisited my Primary school when in the University to educate the kids on environmental issues at the time and met the teacher who labelled me slow and stupid. She was shocked that I have a Minor degree in Math, 
Today, unfortunately, one of my daughter’s teachers came over to me and called her “slow” and said I should get her tested. That memory and the same emotion I felt surfaced, and I gave the teacher a short brief on the power of words and the dangers of her “name calling”. I will be addressing this to the school tomorrow so please send prayers that our teachers, educators, lecturers, parents, leaders, politicians, learn and have awareness on the importance of LOVE & RESPECT. Ignorance and egotistical values has caused so much hurt and chaos in our society and the world. Spreading knowledge without LOVE & RESPECT only creates more materialistic, valueless, and unhappy people in the world. Its time for positive changes to happen. ENOUGH with the old system of education. TEACHERS, SPREAD LOVE AND RESPECT!


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You are not worth looking at


After a series of non-stop work, training, learning and giving efforts, (and still my diary shows there are a lot more in store!), I just woke up from a long nap due to exhaustion. Sorry if I missed your calls and have delayed replying messages. Thank you to all the congratulatory messages of my 10 year business anniversary this April month for the M & Z Empowerment training business. Time flies! I am reading through some messages in my inbox and I had some people asking why I have been posting only pictures lately and asking for my usual sharing of motivation and reflections. 

OK, I will share first on last Sunday’s streetfeeding experience. While we had our volunteers split up to distribute foods to various locations, Zeal Zainuddin and I took charge of taking care of the rest of the remaining foodstuff. We had some of the homeless people come over to pick up the foods. One lady came over when no one else was around and spent some time to talk and share her life story and opened her heart out to both of us. After reflecting on the incident, Zeal and I discussed about how people generally just want to be LOVED & RESPECTED. By the simple act of us regularly visiting, making eye contact and acknowledging the people who otherwise in their lives often feel unloved, we get connected. They have a sense of hope and worth. There are no walls built regarding status, or worldly titles that often place one person’s life higher than another. Unfortunately, I see this even in families where due to some level of “success”, one person is deemed more worthy than others. Guests with a certain “status” are given better treatment than others. Clients with more money are given more respect. Let us all reflect on this a little deeper. Why does this belief happen? What led to these beliefs that cause people to step on the weak? Do these beliefs serve a higher purpose? What can we do to change these?…Sleep well everyone. Spread LOVE & RESPECT.

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I was at the airport and was deeply disturbed by the way a group of foreign workers were treated at the airport. Looking at the men and women waiting in line to leave the country, I can see that they have had a rough life. God knows what they have gone through to leave their homes and find work overseas. It was 5am in the morning. Everyone looked tired but they had to face harsh words, talked to in a condescending manner by the officers and threatened loudly in front of others. I often share pictures of some people living luxuriously yet the people around them are living in poverty. It does not help that not only are they poor, the people capable of helping sometimes ignore and worse, make life more difficult for them. There is so much HATE. I reflect a lot on what I see. I see these imbalances in society. I see them in organisations. I see them in families. I see hurt people walking around hurting others intentionally. Sometimes publicly. Sometimes privately. Its time to stop this once and for all. I am working with a few organisations to start raising the level of awareness and LOVE & RESPECT in our society. If you would like to be a part of my team and to spread the message of LOVE & RESPECT, do PM me. START NOW! SPREAD LOVE & RESPECT!

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