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Personal sharing : I know its not comfortable. Any sort of change is not easy at first. When I failed in my last business, I was broke for 2 years and I was afraid of taking chances because I thought that would make me lose more money. Only until my back was against the wall where I could not afford to waste any more time (or we would be hungry and homeless), I started to use all my resources to create value for others…and that turned into my initial business. However, only when I got myself to receive support in the form of coaching and get into a high vibe community did I really shift my mind and life around. It definitely did not help to constantly try to do it alone or get free advise from people who do not get me…or have created something new from ground up. Do not waste any more time waiting for things to turn around and try to keep doing things through trial and error. Get supported. Be in a high vibe community. Create an impact. Otherwise you will not be using your God-given gifts to help others and leave a legacy. Then, let us come together to spread LOVE & RESPECT. #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespect #leavealegacyconsciousbusinesscommunity #feminineleadershipcommunity #consciousbusinessowners

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Happiness Tip

Happiness Tip :

Remember all the GOOD that others have done for you. Forget about all the GOOD you have done for others. That way, you have fewer expectations and have more GRATITUDE. Also, remember to always acknowledge the people who do GOOD to you. Simple, right. Make that a habit. Spread LOVE & RESPECT. #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #murshidahsaidcoaching #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespect #leavealegacyconsciousbusinesscommunity #feminineleadershipcommunity #consciousbusiness #consciousbusinesscoach

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Personal Perspective

Personal Perspective:

Birthday gifts (in the form of “things”) are optional. Gifts can come in many other ways like time together, a prayer, a connection, some good words, gestures amongst others…are all important gifts too. We are so conditioned to give or receive “stuff” on birthdays that even the quality of relationships is judged based on how “expensive” a certain present is given. Let us not bring up our children to put a value on a relationship based on how expensive a gift a person gives to another. Bring up your children also as people who do not expect gifts and handouts from others as a form of how another person values them. I know gift-giving is a love language. But let’s educate ourselves and our future generation that it does not only represent the value of the relationship. Let’s live with LOVE & RESPECT. #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespect #mondaymotivation #loveandrespectcoach #murshidahsaidcoaching

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Personal reflection post:

Looking back at the last 4 years as to how I overcame many challenges and got breakthroughs in my personal and business life…it was because I invested in training, and especially in coaching. Many people (including myself in the past) who kept plateauing or facing constant financial challenges do not take time to reflect or refuse support that would help them grow or get a breakthrough. Whenever you will feel stuck or facing challenges, that is the time to find a way to invest in your own growth and learning. And most importantly, is to APPLY the learning and coaching. #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #murshidahsaidcoaching #loveandrespect #loveandrespecttransforms #spreadloveandrespect #loveandrespectcoach

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HONEST post :

Having coached, trained and mentored professionals, new and seasoned business owners, corporate executives, leaders, refugees, students, low-income single mothers, etc…I noticed a certain type of people who rise faster, thrive, and start to lead happier and abundant lives.
While there are some who just remain in their “negative” situations for years….and still complaining about the same problems over and over again. These are just a few on the list :
👉 The people who emerge faster to resolve their lives and create new successful and happier situations follow a no excuses policy.
👉They are also people who do not waste their time analysing why they fail.
👉 They are fast in finding solutions instead.
👉They are always in a celebratory mood even for small successes and celebrate other people’s successes instead of focusing on spreading gossip and anger.
👉They hardly complain. I know some of them going through so many challenges yet they keep saying “Alhamdulillah” (blessings from the Almighty).
👉They make prayers as the FIRST resort.
👉They stay in a community that is elevating and growing them.
👉They do not see themselves as lesser than those who achieve more (instead they are happy for other people’s successes).
👉They are always focused on adding value to others (even when they do not have much).
👉They speak their Truth with LOVE & RESPECT. Their YES is YES and their NO is NO.
👉They forgive easily and live in the NOW (not in the past nor the future).
👉That is WHY I get excited to coach such men and women who are on that path of creating good for themselves and for the world. That lights me up when I see high vibe and positive people going for dreams and goals no matter what because they know they can create GOOD and positivity in the world. Let’s SPREAD LOVE & RESPECT ! #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidcoaching #murshidahsaidsharing #loveandrespectcoach #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespect #loveandrespecttransforms #leavealegacy #leavealegacyconsciousbusinesscommunity #feminineleaders #feminineleadershipcommunity #consciousbusinessowners

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ATTITUDE of a Conscious person.

ATTITUDE of a Conscious person.

If you really want to help the poor and marginalised groups, support their businesses and do not bargain with them. If you would like to eliminate poverty, then give fair wages for the same amount of work done despite where they are from, what their gender is, and what their “race” is. (I put race in inverted commas because its a man-made definition).
If you really believe in doing good then support ONLY businesses that actually do good for the people and the planet. If you really want equality, then practice equality. If you want people to pay you well and increase your income growth, then you need to be responsible when paying your suppliers and bills. So there. That’s how you can create a much better world for yourself and others. #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespect #consciousbusiness #consciousbusinessowners #livingwithloveandrespect #livelifewithloveandrespect

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Etiquette in Business Dealings involving promises

Adab or #Etiquette in business dealings involving promises and dealings.

When you plan to work or partner with someone, discuss all expectations upfront and what the transaction involves. Mention about possible upgrades or what will not be covered in that business transaction. Again, in my business dealings in the past, I have had experienced the other party insisting that I have to add-on certain services (and get me to agree on that first) without stating the price. In my naivete, I said OK and then an invoice was given with the fees requested. ALWAYS get clear upfront when you are in business or partnerships. I made a lot of mistakes in the past and I do not wish you, new business owners to go through them too. Hey, even seasoned business owners have blind spots and make mistakes too.

That is why our Leave a Legacy Conscious Business Community will be sharing an event to address these mistakes. We will highlight unethical business practices and oppressive business cultures that MUST be eradicated. What solutions actually do exist out t here. What you must KNOW so you do not get subjected to unethical business practices. A lot of problems exist now because of unethical leadership and business practices. It is time now for the oppressed to stop the bullying, and reinstate the type of abundance culture that businesses are meant to do for the world.

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Etiquette Tip when footing the bill.

“Adab” or “Etiquette” when footing the bill at restaurants.
The basic etiquette is whoever invites the person out to meet foots the bill. Unless he /she mentions that the meeting is a get together with friends and everyone pays their own. It’s best that if you are the one who voluntarily intends to foot the bill, take the check and just accept the gratitudes given by the other diners.
If unsure, ask if you can pay your share of your meal after the bill arrives.
What is NOT cool is when a person invites someone for a meal, chooses the restaurant and the food and then totally ignores the waiter when the bill arrives and expects the other person to pay. That only shows the values of that person ( a taker and very inconsiderate).
So there. Hope this helps clarify. Do share your experiences if you would like to and your perspective. People do have blind spots and sometimes they were not brought up with certain courtesies or knowledge of etiquette. #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #murshidahsaidcoaching #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespect #loveandrespectcoach #murshidahsaidcoaching #etiquette #livingwithloveandrespect #livelifewithloveandrespect #weekendvibes

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The Ethics in Sales

“Adab” or “Etiquette” is also important in sales tactics. I have had experienced some business owners whom I bought some items from, tell me, “Murshidah, I have included another additional item with your order. Its very good!” and then went on to send the item over to me. I had not agreed to purchase the product and when the item arrived, the business owner asked me to pay for the additional item she included.

After informing her that I did not agree to the additional item, she made many excuses and tried to pull a guilt trip on me saying that she had used her money because she expected me to pay her for the item. I noticed this practice happening in many business owners who expect me to pay for items that I had no desire to buy or agreed to buy in the first place.

So this is a BIG reminder to be clear in communication. And I am taking a stand to also not be manipulated by ruthless business owners. I am so proud that I am raising the community of Feminine Leaders who now do not allow themselves to be manipulated, oppressed or manhandled in any business dealings. With aligning ourselves with a global network and authorities that do not stand for irresponsible or oppressive businesses, we can TOGETHER take a stand towards how businesses should now be done…and that is to SPREAD LOVE & RESPECT. #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #murshidahsaidcoaching #loveandrespectcoach #loveandrespect `#spreadloveandrespect #consciousbusiness #consciousbusinessowners

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Time Management

I love learning to master my time and making it count. That is also how I help business owners and working professionals to master theirs too. Every minute that is gone…. is gone. I had a conversation about this with my daughter about how our conversations will be memories in the future. So let us make every minute count in our lives. Let us make every minute in the present be impactful and make them THE positive memories in the future. It takes consciousness to live a life of LOVE & RESPECT. So there. Have an awesome week ahead. Ramadan Kareem. #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespect #loveandrespectcoach #murshidahsaidcoaching #livingwithloveandrespect #livelifewithloveandrespect #weekendvibes

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