So I am a woman of colour

Personal #Reflection #Sharing :

Interesting that I was invited to a community of changemaker women as a “woman of colour” ( because the community is for women of colour).

Coming from this part of the world, I have never identified with the term “colour” as race is defined differently here. Of course, I am grateful to be invited into a community where coming from Asia I am the minority in the group too…and I understand the term but I never thought of myself described as a “coloured”.

So as how many different countries define various minority groups, or define people based on race (here it is Malay, Chinese, Indian, Eurasian/Others)…I wonder when we can have a world where we do not have to define people by their “colour” or “race” because we are all so diverse, so blended and so colourful already. Can we all unite under Humanity instead? And live with LOVE & RESPECT for one another no matter their “colour” ? #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #murshidahsaidcoaching #loveandrespectcoach #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespect #leavealegacyconsciousbusinesscommunity #leavealegacy #feminineleadershipcommunity #feminineleaders #feminineleadership #loveandrespecttransforms #fromsmallthingsbigthingsgrow #wednesdaywords

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On Ideal Partnerships

#Personal#Experience#Sharing : Recently, I just coached one of my clients on having ideal partnerships. Just as we have ideal clients in our business, you must also work on ideal partnerships (in both your business and personal lives).Partnerships should not be tipped in the scale of the balance of power. Is one of them expecting something more than agreed? Are there new requests that were not agreed on in the past? Is there distrust? Does the energy alignment feel off in certain areas and yet not discussed? Does one of the partners often tell the other what to do or often give unsolicited advice? Does one partner often feel unacknowledged? Does one of the partners speak negatively about the other to others? So grateful that I received feedback from my clients that they managed to finetune their partnership agreements as just some possible red flags did show up.I have made many mistakes with narcissistic partners and collaborators in the past… so it helps so much when I hire a coach and a team of consultants who can give input from a neutral perspective on directions that are recommended. So in any partnership, TRUST is key. Having a common purpose is KEY. Partnerships must be in JOY & PURPOSE…otherwise, it’s a waste of time and energy. So have a wonderful week ahead, lovelies. May you all have JOYFUL partnerships filled with LOVE & RESPECT. #throwback Photo of Zeal and I at Incheon Airport, South Korea after we came back from a business event in Arizona where we had major AHAs and learnings of the importance of ideal partners. Zeal and I will be sharing more about creating joyful and ideal partnerships (long term and project-based ones) at our mastermind retreats and coaching sessions. Get updated on our events from the link in my bio. #murshidahsaid#murshidahsaidsharing#loveandrespect#spreadloveandrespect#loveandrespectransformsholdings#consciousbusiness#loveandrespectcoach#murshidahsaidcoaching

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If someone has done something bad unto you…

#Personal#Empowerment#Tip : If someone has done something bad unto you, look back at yourself to check if you have also done that to others.


Then make the decision to stop EVER from doing it again. For example, if you felt hurt when someone gossips about you…be sure to NEVER do that to others. If you have felt hurt when someone gave you a hard time at work, make sure you do not do the same to others and stop that behavior when you see someone else doing the same to others. If you felt oppressed or manipulated by someone narcissistic, do not do the same to others you deem “weaker”.


Most of the time, we keep quiet and allow negative situations to just happen and prolonged. Worse if we are even a part of that or see and know abuse and oppression in front of us and just allow that to happen.


In order for us to create a better life for ourselves and others, it’s important to really live with LOVE & RESPECT. So think about the time you have been hurt, cheated, talked down to, or oppressed. Because you know how it feels… DO NOT ever do the same to others and STOP it when you witness it done unto others too. It’s time we discontinue any wrongdoings from generations past and create a more positive and loving world and culture. DO IT. LOVE & RESPECT ! Connect with me if you would like to be supported. #leavealegacyconsciousbusinesscommunity#murshidahsaid#murshidahsaidsharing#loveandrespectcoach#murshidahsaidcoaching#changemaker#livingwithloveandrespect#feminineleadershipcommunity#feminineleaders#feminineleadership#personalempowerment#release

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#Personal #Experience #Sharing :
I have had a trainer once walk into my training room (after my participants have left) and openly said to me that I am taking the jobs of other “local” trainers….because well… I am not “local”.
And yes, he is a “Leadership Trainer” to corporations. In a way, he was telling me to “Go Home”. (I will not share the exact words he used or about being authentic to your message…I will reserve that for another post).
I will instead share about mindsets on ABUNDANCE.
I have met foreigners (and some refugees too) who started with nothing and made a pretty decent life in the country they have settled…and I have met some foreigners who even after 5 years still complaining about how the local country does not help them and locals not accepting them.
I have seen and met people who are always suspicious of “foreigners” and saying that they are taking away opportunities from them. And yes…they are not happy or successful either. Oh dear. The way to a person’s success is his/her mindsets, beliefs and Faith and connection with our ALL ABUNDANT ALMIGHTY CREATOR. It is time we start to OPEN OUR MINDS, EYES AND HEARTS to an ABUNDANT mentality instead of scarcity. With a scarcity mindset, you will never be truly RICH, HAPPY, JOYFUL and CREATIVE. AND THAT scarcity mindset is what keeps a person stuck for years. AND create the chaos, wars and fights.
This is not a #justsaying post. It is a post that encourages ACTION. ESPECIALLY NOW, we need a CHANGE in mindsets and cultures in communities.
And trainers…if you are teaching LEADERSHIP and still focused on fear-based mentalities and scarcity in your own lives…it’s time to change to the more FEMININE way of LEADING. Where we believe in Abundance, Collaborations, Inclusivity, and Celebrations. And lots of FUN, LOVE & RESPECT ! #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #murshidahsaidcoaching #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespect #loveandrespectcoach #thethingsigothroughbuildingmybusiness #loveandrespecttransforms #feminineleadershipcommunity #feminineleaders #leadership #feminineleadership

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Be Kind to Your Family First

 Reflection : I have heard of various refugee stories especially by women who face challenges of not only having to leave their homes because the countries they live in are not secure…but also because there are conflicts within their own families too. Where the people who are supposed to protect them in their own homes are also those who are hurting them.

Also, these stories are not limited to refugees only. I believe a lot of how people lead and treat others begins from how they are raised in their own homes. So please be sure to provide a safe environment first within your own families.

Where people feel safe to speak, discuss, ask and give support instead of living in an environment of condemning, attacking and distrust. Where the homes are hurtful within, people will create hurt without. Hurt people will hurt others. So start with your families first. Create a loving, safe and supportive relationship in your marriage so that you can create that loving supportive environment for your children, parents, siblings, extended families, neighbours and then spillover that LOVE & RESPECT onto others at work, in business, in your communities, in your countries and with others across the world. Simple. Start with yourself and your family. #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #murshidahsaidcoaching #loveandrespecttransforms #loveandrespectcoach #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespect #consciousbusinesscoach #consciousbusiness

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 Tip :
As someone who loves to GIVE and HELP others, you must also GIVE to yourself. The Law of Giving says that the more you Give, you the more you receive. However, many forget to RECEIVE too. For example your health, your relationships, your own finances. Give to yourself means self-care as you cannot pour out of an empty jar. Let’s not be one of those people who resent Giving to others because you feel overwhelmed or used. GIVING is best when it’s joyful and from a place of ABUNDANCE. So take care of yourself, lovelies. Because your big heart needs some LOVE & RESPECT too. #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidcoaching #murshidahsaidsharing #leavealegacyconsciousbusinesscommunity #loveandrespectcoach #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespect #feminineleadershipcommunity #loveandrespecttransforms

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So important to have a healthy money mindset

#Mindset sharing: It’s so important to have a healthy money mindset. I have been told that it is not spiritual to think of money. Ok then. Don’t think of money. But change the way you think of money. I have met several people who say they are spiritual and want to do charity and help people….but say bad things about other organisations as they feel they are more deserved to receive funds. Or organisations fighting amongst each other to get grants. Or those who say “I want to help people but since I don’t have the funds, I cannot help”. This mindset of lack, in fact, makes a person less spiritual…not the money…So BE SPIRITUAL…which means…you see money as a tool. You see POSSIBILITIES in creating money. You see ABUNDANCE because you know our ABUNDANTLY LOVING CREATOR is not about lack and if you connect to SPIRIT, you will be able to create those money and opportunities to create money. So there you go. When you change your thoughts about money, you change the way you see and do life. LOVE & RESPECT. #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespect #consciousbusinesscoach #femiineleadershipcommunity #loveandrespectcoach #murshidahsaidcoaching #sundayvibes #happyweekend #moneymindsetmakeover

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Personal Sharing

Personal sharing : I know its not comfortable. Any sort of change is not easy at first. When I failed in my last business, I was broke for 2 years and I was afraid of taking chances because I thought that would make me lose more money. Only until my back was against the wall where I could not afford to waste any more time (or we would be hungry and homeless), I started to use all my resources to create value for others…and that turned into my initial business. However, only when I got myself to receive support in the form of coaching and get into a high vibe community did I really shift my mind and life around. It definitely did not help to constantly try to do it alone or get free advise from people who do not get me…or have created something new from ground up. Do not waste any more time waiting for things to turn around and try to keep doing things through trial and error. Get supported. Be in a high vibe community. Create an impact. Otherwise you will not be using your God-given gifts to help others and leave a legacy. Then, let us come together to spread LOVE & RESPECT. #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespect #leavealegacyconsciousbusinesscommunity #feminineleadershipcommunity #consciousbusinessowners

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Happiness Tip

Happiness Tip :

Remember all the GOOD that others have done for you. Forget about all the GOOD you have done for others. That way, you have fewer expectations and have more GRATITUDE. Also, remember to always acknowledge the people who do GOOD to you. Simple, right. Make that a habit. Spread LOVE & RESPECT. #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #murshidahsaidcoaching #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespect #leavealegacyconsciousbusinesscommunity #feminineleadershipcommunity #consciousbusiness #consciousbusinesscoach

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Personal Perspective

Personal Perspective:

Birthday gifts (in the form of “things”) are optional. Gifts can come in many other ways like time together, a prayer, a connection, some good words, gestures amongst others…are all important gifts too. We are so conditioned to give or receive “stuff” on birthdays that even the quality of relationships is judged based on how “expensive” a certain present is given. Let us not bring up our children to put a value on a relationship based on how expensive a gift a person gives to another. Bring up your children also as people who do not expect gifts and handouts from others as a form of how another person values them. I know gift-giving is a love language. But let’s educate ourselves and our future generation that it does not only represent the value of the relationship. Let’s live with LOVE & RESPECT. #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespect #mondaymotivation #loveandrespectcoach #murshidahsaidcoaching

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