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Personal Image Transformation in Singapore

24 & 25 July 2010, Singapore

Are you looking for a change ? Tired of not moving ahead in your personal and work life ? Do you feel stressed, feeling that you have so many dreams but unable to move towards them ? Do you find that you lack the confidence to move to the next stage of your life.

I, Murshidah Said        , am here to share with you some of lessons that I used to overcome my personal and businesses challenges. How I learnt to rebrand and refocus the directions in my life. How I worked on myself from the lowest point in my life to sharing my life lessons. How I transformed myself and rebuild my brand. That is why I call this the “Personal Image Transformation” workshop. At the same time, we will have lots of fun!

This programme provides a holistic form of personal transformation and grooming where you learn to easily transform your image, looks, confidence level according to who you really are.

 PLUS  ! DATO’ DR SHEIKH MUSZAPHAR, ASEAN’s First Astronaut, will join us to share his techniques on using the Power of his MIND to attract his DREAMS!
You will also get the tools to learn how to carry yourselves professionally when dealing at functions, meetings, clients, events and how they work their image. There will be activities, games and sessions that lead to the empowerment and transformation of the individual at the body, mind, heart and spirit levels.

Participants will learn to attract the people and the environment that they desire in their lives. This personal grooming workshop is unlike other workshops as we incorporate external AND internal change and participants are amazed at their transformation.


* Discover your Personal Strength and Beauty
* Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
* Your Whole Transformation
* Understand Your True Potential
* Your Image & Colours
* Your Presentation to Others
* Your Poise
* Understanding People
* Understand the Power of Your Mind
* The Empowered & Transformed You
* Clearing and Discovering Your Purpose

· You will be aware on the importance of change & transformation of yourself and learn the tools to impact others

· You will learn techniques to empower yourself and breaking limitations

· You will learn how we as a team can impact positive changes within ourselves and others

· You will get the lessons on how to improve your image, your confidence and how to deal with people at various occasions

· You will find out how you can contribute your experience, talent and ideas and be rewarded for it financially through our profit sharing system


“I have attended many courses and I never expected the Secretarial Skills Course you conducted to be this good. It’s very different from other workshops I’ve been to. I have learnt so much more than I expected. Thank you!” Haslina Jamir, Secretary, Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Bhd.

“The motivational speech by Pn Murshidah made me realize that being sad or down won’t help me at all. I regain my spirit as I’ve learnt from her that a human’s spirit is the most strongest form of power source we have. From now on I’ll think positive, smile a lot and be the best that I can be. Repeated words last longer, and so I will repeat positive things to myself. I feel happier and lighter, much more than I was before this program. Thank you Pn Murshidah” ( Amiza, student of UKM)

“Your grooming course is the best course I have ever attended. It has really impacted me to change internally and externally. Thank you Pn Murshidah” (Director, KPTM)
“The best session of the orientation programme!” (Houseman, HUKM)

“The route to success is by faith and talent. Thank God! You have both, and you have touched me” (Prison inmate, Singapore)

Featured as Entrepreneur of the Month by (August 2009).

  Be Sure to Attend and let us work together in your transformation !    Normal Investment : S$1090 SPECIAL VERY EARLY BIRD RATES AT $690 ONLY  (valid until 15th July 2010). Free “Journey to Space”  book by Dr Sheikh Muszaphar on first come first served basis. For registrations of 2 or more, $590 per person.    Date : 24 & 25 July, Singapore Venue : Royal Plaza on Scotts      What Will You Get ? * 2 day Personal Image Transformation Programme * Monthly Group Coaching/Events * Certificate of Participation * Course Manual * Free Reviews at future Personal Image Transformation Programmes * Refreshments *Be part of the World Empowerment Project and get profit sharing from collabarative work and projects   TO CONFIRM YOUR SEAT, CALL/SMS MURSHIDAH 81578488   All registered participants will be required to fill a pre-workshop questionaire to tailor the programme and coaching to your needs. As I hope to keep the class small for personal impact, please book early.

Call us for full details of the programme, the personal coaching sessions and how you can be a part of our empowered team !

Please share this with friends who may also be interested to attend.

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Love & Respect.

Murshidah Said

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What about empowerment of men ?

Why is it so important for our men to be educated and empowered in today’s society ? What is the role of men today and our boys in the future ? Would love to know your views ! LOVE & RESPECT !

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