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Focus on The Solutions and Not the problems

We have been so used to focusing on problems, highlighting things or people that make us angry and upset…and we complain, whine and gossip about them. “Why cant so and so do something about it !?” “Why is this person so …!?” “Why can’t this…be more like….!?”…Let us instead focus on what we can do about it to create positive changes and take action. Problems or upsets are there for us to realise that something we did in the past caused that to happen in the present. What can we do now in the present to have that positive impact in our future ? Lots of work to do. Let’s start now. Happy weekend and lots of LOVE & RESPECT!

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Late Marriages – is that Cool ?

I did an interview on Hello on Two on Late Marriages and we discussed our society views late marriages in our Asian society and how we can make positive changes in our attitudes and in our future. Look guys, if something in our culture and our thinking stresses us more as a group of people and affect our happiness don’t you think its time we re-evaluate our culture and focus on adding value to our lives and our soul. Do not blame, justify or criticise. Let’s live with LOVE & RESPECT and make positive changes in our world.

Here is link to the interview :

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Korban Apa Saja ?

Korban apa saja! This is the interview I did in BM on Korban Apa Saja.on Selamat Pagi Malaysia on RTM1. Click the link here to watch interview on Youtube. Click here

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How much is RICH ENOUGH ?

We often hear people say “when I am rich myself and when I have money only then can I help others in need”. How much is “rich enough ?”. There are so many people who have more than enough but not contributing to others or making positive changes in their lives and other’s around them. The world is not changing positively because everyone thinks that they are not “rich enough”. People are focusing on their definition of lack especially in time and money. Focus on increasing the richness of the soul FIRST, ADD VALUE FIRST, have GRATITUDE and you will find that the physical aspects of your needs are covered in bounty. Much LOVE & RESPECT to everyone this week and may you find your TRUE wealth and happiness.

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Please read Sabina Giado ‘s blog after our familiar discussion of the “all too common” problem of communication with family. Hope this helps some of you out there too. MUCH LOVE & RESPECT ! Thank you Sabina for sharing! ♥

The link is here

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