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Pray not just for wealth…Pray that you will meet people who may need from your wealth.

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w encouraged us to give charity to the “miskeen”…”The miskeen (poor) is not one who goes around begging from people, who is given a date or two or a morsel or two. Rather the miskeen is the one who does not have the means of independence, but no one is aware of him so they do not give him charity, and he does not go and beg from people” – (from Hadith Bukhari and Muslim)…I am glad to personally know a (very!) wealthy woman who does what our prophet did. She shared with me about the importance of praying also to ask who we can help. She is an amazing woman who encouraged me to always ask Allah for who I can give charity to and help – people who really need assistance…and they are not asking. She says she is grateful every time she gets calls from people who help her identify those who are struggling and she would go to them if she is able to or pass the money to the person who contacted her. She also advised me to not worry about the money. She said the money will just flow through you enough for you and the person you were praying for. Have faith in the Laws…wow. Something to reflect on. Jumaat Mubarak and remember to spread LOVE & RESPECT !
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And your legacy is…?

“When a man dies, his deeds come to an end except for three things: Sadaqah Jariyah (ceaseless and ongoing charity); knowledge which is beneficial; or a virtuous descendant who prays for him (the deceased).” [Prophet Muhammad saw from Sahih Muslim]…SO…while we are still alive, let us aim to do and make an effort to create wealth that benefits others; do something that can help alleviate poverty; teach and share beneficial knowledge to help others lead significant lives; and raise each and everyone of our children to believe in the Al-Mighty and remember us in their prayers; teach the future generations to teach their future generations to lead significant lives. Spread LOVE & RESPECT! ♥ 426106_10151254299875814_1444452266_n

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Be Grateful For Your Pains

I had broken relationships and experienced a broken heart many times, that is why I know the importance of keeping good relationships. I had felt sadness and disappointments, that is why I aim to be positive all the time. I have been through personal financial disasters and being broke, that is why I know the importance of being financially independent. I had felt lost, so I know why I need to be aware. I have felt unloved and disrespected, that is why I spread LOVE & RESPECT. I am grateful for the pains in my life as I know what is important and needs to be done. Be grateful for your pains…and then go spread LOVE & RESPECT ! ❤Beginning of  a sunrise I captured from the plane.

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