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Love Your Body !

The body is a tool given to you in your life to fulfill a purpose. Take good care of your gift. Respect it, treat it well and do not criticise it or tell yourself and others how unattractive it is. Your body is on loan to use while your soul is occupying it. Do good with it. Use your hands, eyes, ears and mouth to add value to others. LOVE & RESPECT!

10 Steps in positive body image


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So much chaos around the world !!!

This is what I am often asked, “Why is there chaos in the world?”

Edith Wharton is quoted to say “There are two ways of spreading light. To be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it.”. It only shows that people are still unaware of the power of LOVE and there is a lot of work to do to spread LOVE. Humans will keep on sabotaging themselves when they are not aware and it only shows that each and everyone of us has a responsibility to educate and spread that importance. In my work, I see pain people go through at work, in their personal lives, at the shelters and homes – you would think how insane people can be to abuse their own loved ones…but in their reality they see things differently. So all these disasters and events are manifestations of pains within…in the short term we have to fix it to stop it. In the long term, we have to address if all we have been doing in the past needs to be re-worked on and how we can change NOW – so our future will be improved. Keep spreading that LOVE and start form within ! Awesome weekend to everyone!

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Power of Positive Parenting


I spoke about the power of positive parenting and how that affects the person’s worldview, perspectives and future. Unless we take control of our own conditioning in our adult lives and use it positively, some negative belief systems can cause a person to be stuck or create negative cycles in their lives. Positive parenting is crucial in developing a successful adult’s belief systems that affects all areas of his or her life.

Watch the video of the interview here :

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Would one leg want to break the other ?

We have ONE body. Every part of our bodies…our hands, legs, eyes, mouth, ears all work together to fulfill whatever purpose we intend them to do, go, see, say and hear. When each part is not acting in tandem, we become misaligned, confused and will be in a state of chaos and confusion. One leg does not try to break the other leg just so that it can have more recognition. If we ALL see each other as ONE..having to fulfill a common purpose and to serve our Creator and all in the Universe, would we want to hurt and kill off one another just for recognition, ego and to perceive that we have more than others ? No…we are all in this together. Hurting another is just hurting yourself. Spread LOVE & RESPECT by BEING LOVE & RESPECT. al quran quotes - do not be divided

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Lift that weight on your shoulders !

What a lift of that weight on your shoulders when you learn to understand people and learn from what they see from their perspectives. That weight and frustration you go through is merely you being frustrated as to why others are the way they are and why they cannot be more like you. Wow ! How selfish is that ! God made us all different and no one is born better than another in HIS eyes. So why do we put value on people based on our own perspectives? Let us all make an effort to learn and understand people especially those we may not like. So have a LOVING Sunday everyone ! ♥ we see things as we are

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