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Aren’t there any people YOU can help here ? Why go so far ?

I have had several comments like this so I am addressing this now. “Why do you have to go to Cambodia to help people when there are so many people having problems here in Malaysia ? Why not help Malaysians first ?”…well if you know of anyone who is in poverty and starving, PLEASE help them first asap! Do not wait for others to do something or complain about why other people like the leaders, government, their parents, etc are not helping those in need. For us, we had access and information about the folks and went there based on what we are capable of. We are private individuals, no deep pockets, but full of gratitude that we can do something in our own efforts. If we cannot be there physically , we will pray for those in need. Come on. Let us ALL take responsibility. NO blaming, justifying, criticising…Take INSPIRED ACTION. Do not question those who went out to help those in Gaza, Syria, Africa…They have access to go there to help so pray for them and send blessings. If you know anyone in your vicinity who is starving, in danger, etc go to them or take leadership to do something for them. Please…snide comments only indicate an unconscious guilt and a limiting belief that needs to be addressed. Be conscious, aware and be at peace…Ramadan Mubarak. Seek blessings from our Al-Mighty. SPREAD LOVE & RESPECT !


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Interesting that I learned about the Law of Scarcity in Economics and not the Law of Abundance. Law of Scarcity and the scarcity mindset has a tendency to create unhealthy competition, jealousy, wanting to beat others in all areas of life – personal and business. (You know…that “kiasu” mentality). Economic focus should be on the Law of Abundance – collaboration, creativity, having a giving attitude and LOVE & RESPECT. That is when sustainability happens, poverty reduced and the value of money equitable throughout the world. In the meantime, make sure our kids know the importance of values and mindsets that generate hope and creativity, adding value instead of fear. What they learn in books may not be relevant to their success in life. Parents be educated. Teachers watch the values you instill in your students. Let us all develop ABUNDANCE mindsets. ‪#‎spreadloveandrespect‬


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Last night my hubby wrote to me from Cambodia saying that sometimes we complain to the water companies and get upset when our water supply has problems – even which are not very often. Seeing how people live depending only on rainwater, not having clean water to drink and having no toilets are really humbling.Even the simple types of food we have here is a real luxury for them. Yes, we have so much to be grateful for and living in a country where peace is taken for granted along with everything else. Let us BE grateful. Let us remain grateful and keep this gratitude in our hearts no matter how challenging things may seem. Let us grow this gratitude within and spread the LOVE over to others. Zeal will be organising a trip over to Cambodia again in a few months. Come join us! For those of you who have so generously donated money and in kind, thank you so much. May Allah bless you. We will keep on doing this work in all areas. Spreading LOVE & RESPECT is a journey for us. Alhamdulillah (Thank God) We have to this date reached out to many groups of people as hurt and loss for different people may mean different things. More work needs to be done. We are working to cater to as many communities, income levels and backgrounds so that as many people will go back to their paths of fulfilling their purpose in their lives. We come from the Source and we will return to the Source. What we do while we are alive is what is important. Lets not waste any more time. Spread LOVE & RESPECT! We’re off to Singapore today after I fetch Zeal Zainuddin from the airport from Cambodia. Looking forward to meeting our big hearted supporters there too!

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You have got to FEEL before you speak!

wording positiveWe all know that words have energy and we must choose our words wisely when we speak, write or text. How we feel affects our choice of words. The words then come out in our speech and in writing. We are often told to “think” before saying or writing something. However, I would like to urge each and everyone of us to FEEL first. If you FEEL hatred and anger, these affect your thoughts and the words you use comes out through your speech and in your writing. Readers and people listening can FEEL that vibe. Worse if they start internalising those negative words and those energies remain in their hearts too. So…before speaking or writing, clear your hearts first. Focus on solutions. Ingrain LOVE. Find ways to release those hurts before you spread them out to others. If its too difficult, you can start by saying LOVING words. Reading and speaking words filled with positivity and LOVE can also in turn influence your emotions. OK…now you can speak and write! Jumaat Mubarak. Have a great Friday evening. Spread LOVE & RESPECT! #spreadloveandrespect #murshidahsaid

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