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Dear Scriptwriters….

With all the activities and visitations still surrounding Eid/Raya festivities in this part of the world, I can’t help but also notice the films and dramas showing on TV. I notice a pattern in most of the story lines. The people who are poor are always good and the wealthy are always mean and heartless to others. This reminds me of the time when shows always portray stepmothers as mean and abusive and for sometime, people do have a stereotyped image of the “other woman” or “the new mother”. Knowing the power of subconscious, I hope scriptwriters start to think of what they would like the world to be in and start portraying “positive possibilities” instead of just problems for the sake of drama.

I know some of the writers have good intentions in what they want to say through the film or the stories, but when the message is repetitive, these form the belief systems of the society. How many of us feel that Muslims (and especially Muslim women) are often portrayed wrongly in other medias. We get offended and upset. Some even become apologetic or refuse to be seen as “too Muslim” when there are more wonderful people of the faith that are not seen by others. This is the power of the media’s influence.

So let us portray more positive messages of the good people in our community in the media. I know so many wealthy people who are doing good work but when the shows on TV portray the wealthy as always being snobby, then at an unconscious level, most people are afraid to be wealthy or will always criticise the wealthy….or sabotage themselves to remain in “status quo”…all done unconsciously.

Besides, wealth..there are just too many predictable love stories showing differences in wealth and status between the man and the woman and their challenges. One blockbuster movie about this is enough. How about showing the women who succeed in business, supporting their own families and marrying younger men ? …In the meantime, I will root for the grandmothers in films and hope someone will write a story about an empowered grandmother who is not just old, helpless or the “adviser”. Spread LOVE & RESPECT in society through films!


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Giving and Receiving with GRATITUDE

When you give – whether the giving is a donation, a charity, a birthday present, a referral, a treat, LOVE or any other forms of giving – be sure to notice your state of emotions and energy. Do not give while in a state of negativity. Do not give with the intention of fulfilling your ego and pride. Do not give too because you feel pity. Energy is transferable and it affects YOU and your life. Let us practice the habit of giving and receiving with GRATITUDE. Be GRATEFUL that you CAN give and that you are able to be of service. When receiving too, be GRATEFUL that you can receive and accept the act of LOVE. Lets remove that feeling of giving out of obligation, pity, or guilt. Let us just BE GRATEFUL. Ramadan Mubarak. Have a wonderful Friday evening, morning, afternoon wherever you are. Spread LOVE & RESPECT!


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