So depressing…so much HATE..

August 17, 2014 murshidahsaid

It seems like at this point in time we all see a lot of doom and gloom with what is happening in the world today from social media, and from local and international news. Remember that what we focus on EXPANDS. With every challenge and problems we see NOW, we know that things did not just happen overnight. Some things that were mistakes done in the past and thoughts implanted based on anger, hate, greed, etc – are all starting to surface NOW. If not stopped and perpetuated, bigger problems will surface in the future.

This is the time where one must reflect, educate, learn and be aware of what really is happening and how these problems come about. Do not be sucked into further HATE. Start to think as a HUMAN and learn to LOVE. Do not be sucked into labels, labeling others, bullying, picking at other’s faults, judgments. Do onto others the way you want them to be done unto you. Simple. Always think. What if that person was me. What if that was to happen to me.

Stop the HATE from growing bigger. SPREAD THE LOVE AND RESPECT. All LOVE ADVOCATES around the world, you know who you are. Step up to educate, reach out, give awareness, take POSITIVE ACTION. People around the world need to get back to HUMANITY. Start doing things differently. Start focusing on solutions. Start locally. (students of Zeal Zainuddin and I – remember to carry that BALL OF LOVE) Lots of work to be done…#spreadloveandrespect

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