Money is not enough

November 27, 2014 murshidahsaid

We had an interesting conversation in the taxi this morning going to the airport. Taxi driver used to be a bodyguard for some very wealthy individuals and somehow as usual, our topic of discussion comes back to LOVE & RESPECT. He said on the outside, the people whom he used to protect and be personal guards for are admired and envied and people aim to be like them. What the public do not realise is that the wealthy people he works for are not in peace and always stressed out and unhappy.
I share about the people I meet and many are constantly stressed out and working so hard thinking things will get better when they have more money and “higher” positions or they will be happy if only they have another person in a relationship. Some are willing to get there hurting others along the way, thinking that is success. Of course I know no matter how high their positions are or the bigger the bank account, or how beautiful their partner may be, they still do not have peace.
Zeal Zainuddin attends many seminars and most of the talks he notices sells the idea of getting rich materially all the time. And people STILL think that is the solution to all the problems.
We are grateful to have experienced both sides. We know PEACE and HAPPINESS is not achieved when you have money only. I am sure many would disagree with me though. My message is to show otherwise. Economy may grow but not happiness. “Development” has improved but not humanity. Come with me on this journey. Lets start being aware of what is really going on. Educate and spread the awareness. Join me to SPREAD LOVE & RESPECT. Before that…learn what that REALLY means. ‪#‎spreadloveandrespect‬

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