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Understand. Do not ASSUME

Its important to go down to the ground and find out a particular situation’s problems instead of assuming the cause of the problem. Many times when there are problems, people assume that it is due to something that may not be the right answer. Its best to do research and make an informed decision. One such example is when I talk to people about the refugee living situation in Malaysia and I get many answers assuming their problems without even wanting to attempt to meet and learn directly from the people facing those challenges. Also, these same people complain about others and then say “they should do this” and “that”…and then do not even offer help to those in need.
These attitudes need to change as these do not add value to the world and to the positive development of a community. That is the reason why I am adamant on starting the LEAVE A LEGACY Conscious Business Community globally where conscious business owners with the right set of values come together to add value to others through their businesses…with this too is the Community of Feminine Leaders where women get out of victim and a self sacrificing mindset to that of a Queen of their lives. This LOVE & RESPECT in Action community is way overdue. It has been an intention of ours for many years to help people get out of struggle and working in a negative environment to that of growth with impact. I invite you to come on the journey with us to Spread LOVE & RESPECT around the world. You can PM me to indicate your interest and we will invite you to our upcoming event. #murshidahsaid #spreadloveandrespect #loveandrespect #livingwithloveandrespect #livelifewithloveandrepsct #murshidahsaidcoaching #leavealegacy #feminineleadershipIMG_20200103_135402_932

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Restarting my thoughts again

Hello world ! Its been 4 years since I got in here. I am restarting the blog again..


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