Be kind without asking for a favour back

January 5, 2020 murshidahsaid

One of the key values we instill in LOVE & RESPECT in conduct is offering solutions to problems. Often people only find fault in others and do not help or offer solutions instead. I learnt about this during the time when I was down, broke, and was in real need of help to come out of my challenges…and then I was met with 2 types of people :

1. People who knew that I was facing challenges and instead,of helping… did and said things to make my life more difficult

2. People who offered help or said a kind word of encouragement without asking for a return in favour
Having gone through that experience, I told myself that I wanted to be the 2nd type of people that I met during those dark times.

So lets make LOVE & RESPECT a way of life. I am sharing this quote from the Quran as a reminder also to myself…
“Worship God and associate nothing with Him, and show kindness to parents, relatives, orphans, the poor, the near neighbor, the distant neighbor, the companion at your side, the traveler, and those whom your right hands possess. Indeed, God does not like those who are conceited and boastful.” (Quran 4:36)

Have a great weekend everyone ! Screenshot_20200104_234624❤ #murshidahsaidsharing #spreadloveandrespect #loveandrespect #murshidahsaid #livingwithloveandrespect #livelifewithloveandrespect

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