Use inherited money to Spread Love & Respect

June 16, 2020 murshidahsaid

Screenshot_20200614_170350Let’s talk Money inheritance and family. So often family members fight over money over the property or the material wealth left by a deceased family member. For those who have a clear will and when everyone accepts the final distribution according to the law (whether its religion based or not), then there will not be squabbles. But when siblings or relatives, or family members fight over the money that they think belong to them, that is where a lot of hurt, disharmony and resentment result.

So let’s rethink how we view money left by a deceased. If that money was not built by you and you receive it as an inheritance…and you are of sane mind, able, and an adult…use the money to bless those who are more in need. That money is not yours and not from your own efforts…but a responsibility instead. Spread that wealth and mention the blessings to be given to the person who built it and left it. It was that person’s legacy. So many people forget that inherited money is not from their own efforts or energy…and they think its theirs. This is also due to poor money beliefs, and they think that they cannot create or earn the money on their own otherwise.

That’s why having healthy Money Beliefs can create a Healthy and Happier life and relationships. Use inherited money to Spread Love & Respect and pray for the person who left that money to be used for Good and to add value to others. Do not fight over it and destroy relationships and the blessings of the wealth left is lost. We are on reboot now. So this is the time to instill new positive beliefs, habits and culture in your life. Go live your life with LOVE & RESPECT. #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespect #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #livewithloveandrespect

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