On Self Image

August 25, 2020 murshidahsaid

Self Image is defined as what you think and feel about yourself.
If you have a healthy self image of yourself, you feel good about your own self worth.

Oftentimes, people who feel lowly about themselves will have low self esteem and self worth…and this affects all areas of their lives – their health, their physical image, their mental state, their social interactions with others, their emotional state and even their spiritual state.

In business, this comes up through undercharging, not feeling good enough to sell or market their own business or services without using another anchor (like a person or another brand other than their own)…having fear in being visible to share about their work….or even using sales techniques that are manipulative…because the business owner feels he/she is not good enough to attract customers through their own great products, services…. or it just being a great business.

It makes so much difference when the business owner or the professional has a healthy self image. She will not have fear of sharing about her work or products because they are also a reflection of her own self image. How powerful is that ! So let us all work on developing ourselves personally and on our self image. Your personal growth will grow your business, your career, your profession and your incomes.

LOVE & RESPECT yourself so that you can SPREAD that LOVE & RESPECT to others. #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #loveandrespect #spreandloveandrespect #loveandrespectinbusiness #consciousbusinessowners #feminineleaders #bossbabes #leavealegacy

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