Etiquette in Business Dealings involving promises

May 24, 2021 murshidahsaid

Adab or #Etiquette in business dealings involving promises and dealings.

When you plan to work or partner with someone, discuss all expectations upfront and what the transaction involves. Mention about possible upgrades or what will not be covered in that business transaction. Again, in my business dealings in the past, I have had experienced the other party insisting that I have to add-on certain services (and get me to agree on that first) without stating the price. In my naivete, I said OK and then an invoice was given with the fees requested. ALWAYS get clear upfront when you are in business or partnerships. I made a lot of mistakes in the past and I do not wish you, new business owners to go through them too. Hey, even seasoned business owners have blind spots and make mistakes too.

That is why our Leave a Legacy Conscious Business Community will be sharing an event to address these mistakes. We will highlight unethical business practices and oppressive business cultures that MUST be eradicated. What solutions actually do exist out t here. What you must KNOW so you do not get subjected to unethical business practices. A lot of problems exist now because of unethical leadership and business practices. It is time now for the oppressed to stop the bullying, and reinstate the type of abundance culture that businesses are meant to do for the world.

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