Someone did something bad to me !

March 11, 2022 murshidahsaid

#Personal #Empowerment #Tip :
If someone has done something bad unto you, look back at yourself to check if you have also done that to others. Then make the decision to stop EVER from doing it again. For example, if you felt hurt when someone gossips about you…be sure to NEVER do that to others. If you have felt hurt when someone gave you a hard time at work, make sure you do not do the same to others and stop that behavior when you see someone else doing the same to others. If you felt oppressed or manipulated by someone narcissistic, do not do the same to others you deem “weaker”.
Most of the time, we keep quiet and allow negative situations to just happen and prolonged. Worse if we are even a part of that or see and know abuse and oppression in front of us and just allow that to happen.
In order for us to create a better life for ourselves and others, it’s important to really live with LOVE & RESPECT. So think about the time you have been hurt, cheated, talked down to, or oppressed. Because you know how it feels… DO NOT ever do the same to others and STOP it when you witness it done unto others too. It’s time we discontinue any wrongdoings from generations past and create a more positive and loving world and culture. DO IT. LOVE & RESPECT ! Connect with me if you would like to be supported to grow your communities. All links in my IG bio. #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #loveandrespectcoach #murshidahsaidcoaching #changemaker #livingwithloveandrespect #feminineleadershipcommunity #feminineleaders #feminineleadership #personalempowerment #release #loveandrespecttransforms #sustainablelifestyle #sustainableliving #loveandrespecttransforms #fromsmallthingsbigthingsgrow #loveandrespectcoach #murshidahsaidcoaching #fridaymotivation #happyfriday #jumaatmubarak

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