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People still talk badly about you no matter what GOOD you do

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No matter what good you do and how you do your best, there will be people who will always find fault with you or question your work and intentions.

Best to focus only on your own goals and your relationship with your CREATOR. HE knows what is in your heart and intentions.

When I first started doing streetfeeding for the homeless and also visiting low income homes and families some 10 years ago, there were people who ask me…”why do you waste time doing this when you need to support yourself first?”. My replies have always been to smile and nod in acknowledgement and just continue to do what I feel aligned. 10 years passed and now a lot more people have started doing charity, doing street feeding and creating social impact because its now seen as required in business, branding, life purpose etc.

Recently, I have had people question me on why horses and why do I invest so much time riding, adopting, and learning about horses….when apparently its seen as expensive and is a perceived luxury. Well…again, its what I believe is right for my soul and what I can foresee in the future.

I know what I am aligned to lead in this direction and why horses are a necessity (not a luxury). So no matter what you feel aligned and guided and you can sense it is just right for you…go there. Be sure that it comes from a space of LOVE and adding value. Not that of ego and pride. Do your prayers and even when people see you as dumb and crazy….you DO you.

Because you have clarity on WHY you are creating your own path. Eventually haters will phase out when they see your vision. So keep being that CHANGEMAKER and DOER and lead with your Feminine. You will love the results. Just like how I am so grateful and joyful for my life and the path I have created. LOVE & RESPECT !

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