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MURSHIDAH SAID is an internatinoal speaker and adviser of grooming, corporate image and personal empowerment and transformation for individuals and corporations. A graduate of the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Sociology in 1993, Murshidah runs successful businesses for more than 10 years expanding throughout Asia that teaches entrepreneurship to teenagers and adults.

Murshidah has over 5 years of personal grooming and personal image training experience to teenagers, corporate executives and government level executives. She also owns a convention organising and event management company and has organised over 150 projects spanning the Asia Pacific region (including Hong Kong, Seoul, Beijing, Sydney) since 1993.

When working in a multinational exhibitions organizing company in 1995, Murshidah was the youngest appointed Conference Manager heading the Asia Pacific Conference Department team in less than a year. Upon starting her own Convention Management company in 1997, Murshidah was appointed to be the Conference Consultant for the Multimedia Supercorridor Conference after being appointed as the emcee for the global IT convention in 1996. She then went on to organize major events like ITS Malaysia in 1998 with Advanstar Communications from USA, and helped IT companies event manage their product launches as part of their PR efforts between 1998-2004. Some of the companies she worked with in her business include Sun Microsystems, ECS Malaysia, ZD Events, Epicor and Porter Novelli.

After 13 years in the events and conference organizing industry, Murshidah went on to discover her passion of empowering people and helping them to excel in their life. After overcoming major financial and emotional challenges during business difficulties in 2002-2005, Murshidah started working with individuals as a personal coach to coach and empower them to take personal action to transform themselves and their lives.

In 2005, Murshidah was trained and certified to be a beauty workshop specialist and since then has been conducting grooming, skincare, personal care and makeup programmes to many corporations, institutions and individuals alike. Her passion is to help people look great and feel great by gaining more self-confidence and attraction through motivation, inspiration and proper advice on inner and outer personal image. She is often invited to speak at conferences and be an emcee at events. Some of her clients for personal grooming and makeup include Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Westin Hotel, Pan Pacific Hotel, Marina Mandarin Hotel, Damansara Specialist Hospital, National University Hospital of Singapore, Tawakal Hospital. Between the years 2005-2007, she has also trained teenagers from the Secondary Schools in Singapore on proper grooming and etiquette, how to gain confidence and public speaking skills as well as given talks of having a healthy lifestyle.

She is also a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and a certified life coach recognised by the American Board of NLP, NBPES and NLP University (USA). She is also trained in the areas of Accelerated Learning and whole being learning to achieve better education for participants.

Murshidah’s courses address the importance of education for the WHOLE BEING, ie incorporating the interconnection of body, mind, heart and spirit. Even the skills based programmes she conducts include the emphasis on the spirit which is hardly addressed in most corporate and management trainings. She emphasizes on principles-based practices in her courses.  Murshidah is a regular speaker at conferences and is currently working on her first book. She has been interviewed and featured on Hello on Two on RTM2 and on the Breakfast Show on NTV7 in Malaysia.

Murshidah has a 7 year old daughter, and is a business partner with her husband who is also her life coach. An avid traveler and adventurer, she has explored Europe, Middle East, South Africa, USA, Asia Pacific and Australia alone on a backpack as well as with a small group of like-minded friends. Murshidah is resourceful and jovial and participants of her workshops are guaranteed of lively and fun sessions where they learn to expand their social skills and perform beauty and life makeovers. Her love for learning, colours, music, dance and movies are brought into the workshops that she conducts.

Other Services include: * Colour and personal care consultations * Personal skincare diagnosis * Makeup for various occasions * One-on-one private makeover sessions * Etiquette * Public Speaking * Conducting Powerful Presentations using Powerpoint and Accelerated Learning * Formal function etiquette and addresses * Emcee * Conference Moderator * Customer Service Workshops * Event Management and Public Relations Skills Workshops * Secretarial Skills Workshops * Presentation Skills Workshops

Just some of the organisations that benefited from Murshidah’s sessions include:

  • Westin Stamford Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
  • Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
  • Damansara Specialist Hospital
  • NEXHS Q Herbal Sdn Bhd
  • Waynette One Stop beauty Centre
  • Interexpo (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Salun Persona Indah
  • InQPharm Asia Sdn Bhd
  • Cres Wellness
  • Tawakal Hospital 
  • Ampang Putri Specialist Hospital 
  • Perform-International 
  • Singapore Civil Service Club
  • PUB Recreation Club
  • Singapore Eurasian Society
  • Design Concepts International
  • 7-Eleven for “Healthy Lifestyle” Talks at Secondary Schools
  • Grand Hyatt Hotel, Singapore
  • Edu21 Consultants for Public Speaking Workshops for secondary schools
  • Marina Mandarin Hotel Singapore
  • Hyatt Hotel Singapore
  • Round Angle Media 
  • Giant Malaysia
  • Guardian Pharmacy
  • Cold Storage
  • Dept of Statistics Malaysia
  • Ministry of Science & Technology Malaysia
  • Ueda Plating Sdn Bhd
  • MARA
  • Percetakan Nasional Bhd 
  • Bedok South Secondary School
  • Victoria Junior College 
  • Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  • Universiti Malaysia
  • Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (KPTM)
  • Institut Sosial Malaysia
  • Kementerian Dalam Negeri
  • Universiti Teknoloji Mara (UiTM for the lecturers)
  •  SCORE Singapore (for Prison Inmates)
  • CIDB Malaysia
  • Weworkz Singapore
  • TUDM (Malaysia Air Force)
  • Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (KPTM)
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of International Trade & Industry (MITI)
  • Housing Development Board Singapore
  • HUKM (Kuala Lumpur)
  • Southeast Community Development Council (Singapore)
  • Petronas


Delivery will be done using the Accelerated Learning Technology, incorporating SQ, NLP. The Accelerated Learning technology makes use of powerpoint, flip charts, music, movies, colours and co-operative learning to create the relaxed and joyous environment. Some of the methods used to create impact full learning include:





Role Plays


Individual Reflections

Group Discussions

Physical Activities

True learning occurs through discovery. The various methods used in the programme allow you to be fully involved in the process and discover the learning for yourself. Once you discover, you learn and you take ownership of the learning.


“My most heartfelt thanks to you for having been an inspirational practitioner of AL. The 2 1/2 day program has opened my eyes and heart to a new beginning… I have made a promise to myself to embark on this great journey of loving and respecting myself, family and everyone and things around me!!! I look forward to joining you and Murshidah in the journey of making the world a better place!!! Love and Respect, Zelda M. I (Teacher, Singapore)”

“I have attended many courses and I never expected the Secretarial Skills Course you conducted to be this good. It’s very different from other workshops I’ve been to. I have learnt so much more than I expected. Thank you!” Haslina Jamir, Secretary, Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Bhd.

“This motivational speech by Pn Murshidah made me realize that being sad or down won’t help me at all. I regain my spirit as I’ve learn from her that a human’s spirit is the most strongest form of power source we have. From now on I’ll think positive, smile a lot and be the best that I can be. Repeated words last longer, and so I will repeat positive things to myself. I feel happier and lighter, much more than I was before this program. Thank you Pn Murshidah” ( Amiza, student of UKM)

“Your grooming course is the best course I have ever attended. It has really impacted me to change internally and externally. Thank you Pn Murshidah” (Director, KPTM)

“The best session of the orientation programme!” (Houseman, HUKM)

“The route to success is by faith and talent. Thank God! You have both, and you have touched me” (Prison inmate, Singapore)

Featured as Entrepreneur of the Month by www.womenlines.com (August 2009).  http://www.womenlines.com/category/women-entrepreneur/

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