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Hug, Smile and Say HELLO to your loved ones FIRST !

“If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love. Don’t be surly at home, then go out in the street and start grinning ‘Good morning’ at total strangers. “(Maya Angelou)…Yes, your loved ones need your hugs and smiles the most…This quote also reminded me of a time my 6 year old Munirah went out with me and she said, “Mummy, today I want to say hello to everybody I meet outside. Is that OK ?”. I said, “Sure!”. So she did just that to people walking by. Big smile and she said “HELLO !”. Some responded with a smile, some said “Hello!” back, some people walked on by without responding, or even looking at her…But she still kept on skipping, holding my hand and smiling anyway…I learn so much from her. LOVE & RESPECT!My baby

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This workshop is designed with the parents in mind. Many of us we try to be the best parents we can be. However because of the challenges that we face in our lives we sometimes lose track of how to bring up our children in the best way. In this workshop we will identify the challenges that parents face and what are the best solutions. We apply and use Accelerated / Experiential Learning in thi…s workshop to apply what we have learned and get amazing results with our children.


1. To understand the power of Love & Respect in our family and how it can benefit our children and ourselves
2. To learn the criteria of successful parents and how we can apply it to our family.
3. To identify some of the things that can stop us from become successful parents and find the solutions.
4. To give our children & ourselves the foundation of success in their studies / work and life.

Date : 13 August 2011, Saturday

Time : 9am-12pm

Venue: To be Advised (Singapore)

The investment of this workshop is $30 per person. For both parents the investment is $50 (for two)

This includes :-

1. Workshops notes and handouts
2. 1 Free consultation / analysis of your child’s learning preference. Example are they visual, audio, kinesthetic or audio digital.

If you are interested to attend, please email me at or sms to Zeal at (65)9246 6900 or Murshidah at (65) 8157 8488. Thanks. Have a successful day!

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My THANK YOUs in 2010.

My last interview on RTM2’s HELLO ON TWO was on “HAVE YOU SAID YOUR THANK YOUs?”.

Actually, I wanted to have this topic addressed so that I too, can slot in my THANK YOUs for 2010.

So, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU and I want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU yet again and again to everyone who have supported me in 2010. So many to thank. Thank you for wanting to befriend me on Facebook, and reading my statuses. Thank you for following me on twitter, thank you for watching me… on TV and youtube. Tumblr is new to me but I am getting the hang of it. Thank you for following a tumblr newbie. I am in awe of all your posts. Thank you for listening to me on radio. Thank you for participating at my workshops, training, coaching. Thank you for just being a friend or just giving me LOVE. I truly appreciate it. May God bless you all. I am working to set up more efforts to spread LOVE & RESPECT. I hope to work with some of you who have supported me all this while. I would like to support any of your efforts also. Please remember to keep in touch with me. Please keep on going to this blog. Please get connected with me when I launch my website.


We really must keep on saying out THANKS to our Al-Mighty for everything that we have been given in this world. The good stuff, the great stuff, and be thankful for the not-so-good ones either. I have learned to take the not so good stuff as a learning lesson on what NOT to do, what I can do about making a positive difference and on personal self improvement and getting closer to my Creator, the creator of my SPIRIT and SPIRITUALITY.

I would love to hear what you are grateful for. Please send me a message or email on any of my sites. For the last interview on saying THANK YOU, please click on


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Let’s Talk Win-Win

My latest interview on RTM2 addresses the topic on WIN-WIN. Almost all of us agree that win-win is the best working strategy and a person living the principles of LOVE & RESPECT would attest that win-win is the only way to have a long term relationship whether it be a personal relationship or a business one. But is win-win enough in today’s age of awareness ? I quoted some not so successful win-win collaborations and most companies that only focus on these 2 principles have some detrimental aftermath like environmental issues, legal issues, social issues that came into the picture.

So we go one step further and make sure all collaborative work is win-win-win ie I win, the person I work with wins, and the community wins. I’d like to share the work of the production company where I have been taking a close look and checking up on their developments on. This is an organisation where its truly win-win-win. An open collaborative community of artists that come together worldwide and create great work together. Win-win-win. My greatest kudos and LOVE & RESPECT for its founder Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

My next challenge for myself is to work on a win-win-win-win at all times. I win, my partner wins, community wins and my soul wins in the eyes of God. So the work that I do will be blessed. InsyaAllah.

Check out the interview on my youtube. Click on this link

Please subscribe ! My LOVE & RESPECT to everyone!

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Who are Our Customers

This is an interview on my take on who are our customers. The video link is here

If we can treat everyone who comes into our lives like how a business treats its prized customer, imagine how much LOVE and RESPECT will be spread around us!

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In the past, we have always been trained to be competitive, to separate emotions and our spirit from our mind and body, that love or spirituality does not fit into business and in generating wealth. As most realise this now, that what we have been trained in the past does not fit at all into where the world is currently and where it is heading. These negative emotions of envy, fear, competition and suspicion only has created disharmony, stress, loss of relationships, loss of wealth, increased debts, a sense of being trapped in a situation and depression.
The world is now going through tremendous amount of changes that shake up old belief systems regarding business, work, life balance, relationships and many aspects of our life. People are beginning to realise that many of the old practices and beliefs in business and organisational cultures, leadership, relationships, are not adding value or fulfilling the individual human purpose. The result? More unhappiness, increased stress levels, illnesses, broken relationships, bullying, increasing debts, substance abuse, over and under-eating, poverty, bribery, slavery, environmental abuse and many other negative effects in our world and in human life. No more is the belief that business has nothing to do with personal life. Or that how we treat customers are different from the way we treat our employees. We are all connected and in this era of awareness and change, two of the most important basic energies that we must uphold are LOVE & RESPECT. LOVE is the most powerful energy in our being and we were born with LOVE. By bringing LOVE back in all aspects of our lives, we can create positive changes in the world.
The world currently is yearning for these positive changes. The world is yearning for LOVE.

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Trailer to the upcoming site !

My upcoming website aims to spread more LOVE & RESPECT around the world. We can be more interactive and share more and spread more around the globe. Any ideas are most welcome. We are at the stage of working on the framework so thank you so much for your support all this while. The link to the trailer is here

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Singles Cruise Asia was covered in the Star

Singles Cruise Asia is set to sail from Singapore from 6th December. Its a cruise like no other for singles. Visit

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• To give awareness on the importance of empowering ourselves and knowing what is “Real Success”
• To know and be aware of our purpose and passion in life and start taking the 1st step
• To give the participants at least one tool they can apply immediately to empower their personal image

• You will learn about the universal laws & principles which are essential for success in all areas of life.
• You will get at least one thing to apply immediately in your life and see amazing transformation
• You will be able to see a bigger picture to life which will immediately release you of the stress and tension.

Image is not just the clothes and hairstyle that you wear. Image encompasses the perception that you give out to others, with your appearance, your message and how you bring this across to others and your own personal style. You will attract what you send out through your image. The PERSONAL IMAGE EMPOWERMENT was designed with looking at a bigger or holistic picture of the challenges that most people face around the world. Based on personal experiences and extensive research, this program was designed to empower as many people as possible to overcome their challenges and achieve success in all areas of life. We use universal principles which can be applied by anyone from all ages, races and background. In our commitment to help the participants learn faster and better we use time tested methods like Accelerated Learning and the best learning technology.

• Anyone who wants to enhance their personal image in their workplace, business and life.
• Anyone who wants to accelerate the time taken to achieve their goals in life
• Anyone who wants long term support in achieving their goals.
• Anyone who wants to be part of a team that is dedicate in empowering and helping as many people as possible to overcome their challenges and achieve long term success.


“I have attended many courses and I never expected the Secretarial
Skills Course you conducted to be this good. It’s very different from
other workshops I’ve been to. I have learnt so much more than I
expected. Thank you!
” Haslina Jamir, Secretary, Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Bhd.

“This motivational speech by Pn Murshidah made me realize that being
sad or down won’t help me at all. I regain my spirit as I’ve learn
from her that a human’s spirit is the most strongest form of power
source we have. From now on I’ll think positive, smile a lot and be
the best that I can be. Repeated words last longer, and so I will
repeat positive things to myself. I feel happier and lighter, much
more than I was before this program. Thank you Pn Murshidah”
( Amiza, student of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)

“Your grooming course is the best course I have ever attended. It has
really impacted me to change internally and externally. Thank you Pn
(Director, KPTM – Ministry of Higher Learning Malaysia)

“The best session of the orientation programme!” (Houseman, HUKM –
National University Hospital Malaysia)

“The route to success is by faith and talent. Thank God! You have
both, and you have touched me” (Prison inmate, Singapore)

Featured as Entrepreneur of the Month by (August

Time and Date: 30 October 2010, 10am-1pm
Venue : Basaga Holiday Residences, Basaga House, Lot 69-70, Jalan Tabuan, Off Chong Lin Park, 93220 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Investment : RM 30 for immediate payment and sign up and RM 50 for walking-in participants.

All payments to be banked in Maybank account no 514495124729 under the name M & Z Empowerment Center (reg no 001713640-A)

• includes light refreshments

TO CONFIRM YOUR SEAT, CALL (03) 21165795 or SMS 0196073155 or email

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Your First Date Manners

This interview talks about etiquette, manners, specifically related to first meetings and dating. This interview is part of the Singles Cruise Asia promotion. The link to the interview is here

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