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I was at the airport and was deeply disturbed by the way a group of foreign workers were treated at the airport. Looking at the men and women waiting in line to leave the country, I can see that they have had a rough life. God knows what they have gone through to leave their homes and find work overseas. It was 5am in the morning. Everyone looked tired but they had to face harsh words, talked to in a condescending manner by the officers and threatened loudly in front of others. I often share pictures of some people living luxuriously yet the people around them are living in poverty. It does not help that not only are they poor, the people capable of helping sometimes ignore and worse, make life more difficult for them. There is so much HATE. I reflect a lot on what I see. I see these imbalances in society. I see them in organisations. I see them in families. I see hurt people walking around hurting others intentionally. Sometimes publicly. Sometimes privately. Its time to stop this once and for all. I am working with a few organisations to start raising the level of awareness and LOVE & RESPECT in our society. If you would like to be a part of my team and to spread the message of LOVE & RESPECT, do PM me. START NOW! SPREAD LOVE & RESPECT!


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Reflecting on incidents, experiences, encounters that happened in 2013, I realise that there are so many lessons in all the good, bad, positives and negatives. I mentioned before that I choose to spread LOVE & RESPECT because I know how it feels to be UNLOVED and DISRESPECTED. This year, I realized an unresolved deep rooted hate and anger that still has been residing within me after all these years. Through recognizing my perceptions and emotions, I have chosen to surface that negative belief, acknowledge it and release it. This year, moving forward, the work of LOVE & RESPECT continues and it will grow bigger and spread out wider. I look forward to working with more LOVE & RESPECT advocates and reaching out to the unloved. I will go on to make positive changes and transformation…advocating the message of LOVE & RESPECT. DOING MORE & SPREADING MORE. This time, I will take more along with me in this amazing journey. I invite you along with me and my work.  Have an awesome 2014. SPREAD LOVE & RESPECT!

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Girl! You MUST be tired !

So…Do I NOT get tired with all these activities like back to back training, travel, coaching, building entrepreneur hubs, taking care of family etc? I have often been asked this…and yes, I do feel overwhelmed sometimes. I have mentioned to some of my close friends that sometimes all I want is to just take a really long nap while someone gives me a full body massage until I am ready to get up. While I do make at least a day a month for a treat like this for ME (with the money from my PLAY jar), I have this constant yearn to connect with others. I started feeling this push ever since I made a commitment to live my life SPREADING LOVE & RESPECT.

This I feel the moment I step into a room where I am conducting a training for a roomful of people. I often sense the energy of hope, some anger, some frustration, some happiness and a mixture of all sorts of emotional energies from people with different life stories. I get excited when I feel transformation happening in the room when we start our lesson. It’s something I just cannot describe.

It’s a similar feeling when I travel. Those who knew me from long ago (as in before my marriage) would know that I like to travel alone or join a group I don’t really know. I learned to release some of my own deep set anger and self-esteem issues, get to know myself better, learn to LOVE me, and release my own prejudices when I stay with locals and get to know them better.

Connecting with people, getting to know them, learning about our human behavior and psyche makes me want to get my sometimes heavy behind out there to connect with more people. Travelling gets me to feel a different vibration and puts me in a different level of vibration and awareness. I love that my husband too has this LOVE for connecting with different people and communities. I find that when I am connecting with different people, I learn to LOVE my Creator even more and feel HIS LOVE for all of us.

So yes, even this motivator needs motivation sometimes. I am just grateful for the people I have chosen to surround myself with. People who step in at the right time to remind me of what I need to do. I will keep on doing this work as long as my BODY, MIND and HEART are all still in working conditions because this SPIRIT within me keeps telling me that this has been good so far and that I can always do better.

So whatever that “better” may be, I will continue to keep on connecting with others, spreading the LOVE & RESPECT, getting people to do the same for themselves and others, and while all in this sometimes chaotic and busy process, I get to know ME better. And I am falling in LOVE with me. Just as I LOVE the souls that I get to connect with in the process. We are all in this together. SPREAD LOVE & RESPECT!

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Dear Scriptwriters….

With all the activities and visitations still surrounding Eid/Raya festivities in this part of the world, I can’t help but also notice the films and dramas showing on TV. I notice a pattern in most of the story lines. The people who are poor are always good and the wealthy are always mean and heartless to others. This reminds me of the time when shows always portray stepmothers as mean and abusive and for sometime, people do have a stereotyped image of the “other woman” or “the new mother”. Knowing the power of subconscious, I hope scriptwriters start to think of what they would like the world to be in and start portraying “positive possibilities” instead of just problems for the sake of drama.

I know some of the writers have good intentions in what they want to say through the film or the stories, but when the message is repetitive, these form the belief systems of the society. How many of us feel that Muslims (and especially Muslim women) are often portrayed wrongly in other medias. We get offended and upset. Some even become apologetic or refuse to be seen as “too Muslim” when there are more wonderful people of the faith that are not seen by others. This is the power of the media’s influence.

So let us portray more positive messages of the good people in our community in the media. I know so many wealthy people who are doing good work but when the shows on TV portray the wealthy as always being snobby, then at an unconscious level, most people are afraid to be wealthy or will always criticise the wealthy….or sabotage themselves to remain in “status quo”…all done unconsciously.

Besides, wealth..there are just too many predictable love stories showing differences in wealth and status between the man and the woman and their challenges. One blockbuster movie about this is enough. How about showing the women who succeed in business, supporting their own families and marrying younger men ? …In the meantime, I will root for the grandmothers in films and hope someone will write a story about an empowered grandmother who is not just old, helpless or the “adviser”. Spread LOVE & RESPECT in society through films!

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You have got to FEEL before you speak!

wording positiveWe all know that words have energy and we must choose our words wisely when we speak, write or text. How we feel affects our choice of words. The words then come out in our speech and in writing. We are often told to “think” before saying or writing something. However, I would like to urge each and everyone of us to FEEL first. If you FEEL hatred and anger, these affect your thoughts and the words you use comes out through your speech and in your writing. Readers and people listening can FEEL that vibe. Worse if they start internalising those negative words and those energies remain in their hearts too. So…before speaking or writing, clear your hearts first. Focus on solutions. Ingrain LOVE. Find ways to release those hurts before you spread them out to others. If its too difficult, you can start by saying LOVING words. Reading and speaking words filled with positivity and LOVE can also in turn influence your emotions. OK…now you can speak and write! Jumaat Mubarak. Have a great Friday evening. Spread LOVE & RESPECT! #spreadloveandrespect #murshidahsaid

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How much is RICH ENOUGH ?

We often hear people say “when I am rich myself and when I have money only then can I help others in need”. How much is “rich enough ?”. There are so many people who have more than enough but not contributing to others or making positive changes in their lives and other’s around them. The world is not changing positively because everyone thinks that they are not “rich enough”. People are focusing on their definition of lack especially in time and money. Focus on increasing the richness of the soul FIRST, ADD VALUE FIRST, have GRATITUDE and you will find that the physical aspects of your needs are covered in bounty. Much LOVE & RESPECT to everyone this week and may you find your TRUE wealth and happiness.

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Allow LOVE & RESPECT to flow. Join the Lotus Blossoming Telesummit

Have you been holding yourself back and hiding your true talents from the world? Is there a voice inside you that’s urging you to break free and follow your heart?

Join the The Lotus Blossoming Telesummit where it features 11 Amazing Asian Women speakers who own their power and are sharing their voices to spark your imagination, ignite your creativity and share how to expand all areas of your life by living life on your own terms. The event kicks off on August 8th, 2011 and features a different Amazing Asian Woman each night of the event. Tune in to learn how they created lives of passion, purpose and abundance simply by being themselves.

The Lotus Blossoming Telesummit is your place to learn, grow and be inspired. It’s a virtual classroom that gives you the perfect balance of heart and soul teachings combined with practical advice and guidance to discover your life’s purpose and make your dreams a reality.
Remember to join me (Murshidah) on Aug. 23, 6pm PST; (if you are in North America) and Aug. 24, 9am (Malaysian/Singapore) as I share on “LOVE & RESPECT for YOU”. I’ll discuss about why oftentimes, you may have felt that you have gone through all the training, gained the necessary knowledge, and know your dreams and goals. and yet you remain stuck. Why people feel like they have been living another person’s life other than their own. Why you develop low self confidence.
In this session, I will be sharing how to:
Heal through forgiveness, gratitude and instilling LOVE & RESPECT in your life
Understand people better and why they do what they do.
Develop a strong purpose in your life in order to live a happy life while achieving personal and professional goals
Sign up at

Registration is FREE ! Once again, my session is on Aug. 23, 6pm PST; (if you are in North America) and Aug. 24, 9am (Malaysian/Singapore)
Free online audio replay for 48 hrs after the broadcast.

May you have lots of LOVE & RESPECT in your life!

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A Trigger to Spread LOVE & RESPECT

A powerful sharing in my training today triggered a memory about a sharing once told to me by a prison inmate when I was doing training in prison. This young tattooed man (covered with the ink from face to feet) told me he wanted to transform himself and his life, so when he left prison he decided that he wanted to make changes. One of which was to start praying at the mosque regularly. However, everytime he goes to the mosque, people started giving him funny looks. Could this just be in his mind ? He started feeling insecure but persevered on to keep going. Then one day, an elderly man “told him off” about the sins of tattooing his body. It was too hurtful and too humiliating that he left without finishing his ablution. He was not strong enough to stand by his desire to change and hence we met in prison. He was in tears when he spoke to me.

Of course, my role was to teach him some techniques he can use to regain his purpose and explain the psyche of hurtful people and how we can forgive and move on, how to work on transformation, etc. But I kept thinking about the person who told him off. Who was committing the bigger sin ? May God guide us all for I have no right to answer something I know not fully about. But that was one of the reasons why I stand to spread LOVE & RESPECT. That incident, along with my own past and experiences,was one of the catalysts behind the courage I have to do what I do.

Hurting people hurt others and create more hurt. We are living in a hurting and angry world and LOVE must be instilled in our education, the way we bring up our kids, the way we run organisations, businesses and countries. LOVE is more powerful than HATE yet HATE seems to be dominant in everyone, and sadly in those who are supposed to be loving like teachers, educators, parents, leaders. We cannot change the past but we can learn so much from it and there are so many lessons to show us what we need to do to correct ourselves for the sake of our future generations. SPREAD LOVE AND RESPECT.

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