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You are not worth looking at


After a series of non-stop work, training, learning and giving efforts, (and still my diary shows there are a lot more in store!), I just woke up from a long nap due to exhaustion. Sorry if I missed your calls and have delayed replying messages. Thank you to all the congratulatory messages of my 10 year business anniversary this April month for the M & Z Empowerment training business. Time flies! I am reading through some messages in my inbox and I had some people asking why I have been posting only pictures lately and asking for my usual sharing of motivation and reflections. 

OK, I will share first on last Sunday’s streetfeeding experience. While we had our volunteers split up to distribute foods to various locations, Zeal Zainuddin and I took charge of taking care of the rest of the remaining foodstuff. We had some of the homeless people come over to pick up the foods. One lady came over when no one else was around and spent some time to talk and share her life story and opened her heart out to both of us. After reflecting on the incident, Zeal and I discussed about how people generally just want to be LOVED & RESPECTED. By the simple act of us regularly visiting, making eye contact and acknowledging the people who otherwise in their lives often feel unloved, we get connected. They have a sense of hope and worth. There are no walls built regarding status, or worldly titles that often place one person’s life higher than another. Unfortunately, I see this even in families where due to some level of “success”, one person is deemed more worthy than others. Guests with a certain “status” are given better treatment than others. Clients with more money are given more respect. Let us all reflect on this a little deeper. Why does this belief happen? What led to these beliefs that cause people to step on the weak? Do these beliefs serve a higher purpose? What can we do to change these?…Sleep well everyone. Spread LOVE & RESPECT.


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Grateful to Give!

If you know the benefits of giving and gratitude, you would make it a daily goal to give with gratitude. A lot of people get upset and feel that they are always the ones giving and not getting anything in return. One of my wise mentors always reminds me to check my intentions first. Correct your intentions, you will reap what is in the laws of the universe. Give with conditions, you will get with conditions. So let us move away from the attitude of always thinking “what it is in it for me” to the attitude of “how can I be of value to others”. You will be amazed at the results you receive. So be aware of your intentions. Have an awesome weekend. So what are you doing to Spread LOVE & RESPECTImage

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Reach out to the unLOVED and Hurting…

One of the messages I took away today is from one of the speakers who mentioned that we often complain about the problems of the youths, the parents, the media, the celebs as bad role models, the education system, the financial system, the abandoned babies, the drug addicts, the problem of the poor, the rich, the leaders, the followers, etc…but we do not reach out to these people and do something about it positively…In my work, I meet a lot of hurting people. Hurt people will hurt others including themselves. Why are we allowing this to prolong in our world ? When we just complain, ostracise them, point fingers, we prolong that hurt in our world. Let us heal ourselves daily with LOVE & GRATITUDE, release the hurt and anger daily, input POSITIVITY in our hearts and minds, and forgive. Then reach out and do something for others and help them heal. One step at a time. Everyone doing something good for others daily. We get to SPREAD LOVE & RESPECT!street feeding 16

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So much chaos around the world !!!

This is what I am often asked, “Why is there chaos in the world?”

Edith Wharton is quoted to say “There are two ways of spreading light. To be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it.”. It only shows that people are still unaware of the power of LOVE and there is a lot of work to do to spread LOVE. Humans will keep on sabotaging themselves when they are not aware and it only shows that each and everyone of us has a responsibility to educate and spread that importance. In my work, I see pain people go through at work, in their personal lives, at the shelters and homes – you would think how insane people can be to abuse their own loved ones…but in their reality they see things differently. So all these disasters and events are manifestations of pains within…in the short term we have to fix it to stop it. In the long term, we have to address if all we have been doing in the past needs to be re-worked on and how we can change NOW – so our future will be improved. Keep spreading that LOVE and start form within ! Awesome weekend to everyone!

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Power of Positive Parenting


I spoke about the power of positive parenting and how that affects the person’s worldview, perspectives and future. Unless we take control of our own conditioning in our adult lives and use it positively, some negative belief systems can cause a person to be stuck or create negative cycles in their lives. Positive parenting is crucial in developing a successful adult’s belief systems that affects all areas of his or her life.

Watch the video of the interview here :

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