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I was at the airport and was deeply disturbed by the way a group of foreign workers were treated at the airport. Looking at the men and women waiting in line to leave the country, I can see that they have had a rough life. God knows what they have gone through to leave their homes and find work overseas. It was 5am in the morning. Everyone looked tired but they had to face harsh words, talked to in a condescending manner by the officers and threatened loudly in front of others. I often share pictures of some people living luxuriously yet the people around them are living in poverty. It does not help that not only are they poor, the people capable of helping sometimes ignore and worse, make life more difficult for them. There is so much HATE. I reflect a lot on what I see. I see these imbalances in society. I see them in organisations. I see them in families. I see hurt people walking around hurting others intentionally. Sometimes publicly. Sometimes privately. Its time to stop this once and for all. I am working with a few organisations to start raising the level of awareness and LOVE & RESPECT in our society. If you would like to be a part of my team and to spread the message of LOVE & RESPECT, do PM me. START NOW! SPREAD LOVE & RESPECT!


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Interesting that when a person blames something or someone, it is really a projection of the exact same trait that he or she possesses or is self conscious about. A person who feels worthless will constantly make fun of others. A domineering person will criticise another for being controlling. A person who suppresses his tears will make fun of others who cries or shows emotion. A person who feels guilt and shame will start accusing another for attacking or hurting them based on the very reason that he/she has unconsciously been suppressing. Be aware of the thoughts of blame, or anger or judgement of others. They are a reflection of your own anger of what is within you. Acknowledging, learning and accepting these prejudices and anger you have towards others is a step towards healing these issues that lie within yourself. As you acknowledge and work on them, you will feel more at peace and find yourself understanding people better. Spread LOVE & RESPECT ! Start with yourself !Image

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Grateful to Give!

If you know the benefits of giving and gratitude, you would make it a daily goal to give with gratitude. A lot of people get upset and feel that they are always the ones giving and not getting anything in return. One of my wise mentors always reminds me to check my intentions first. Correct your intentions, you will reap what is in the laws of the universe. Give with conditions, you will get with conditions. So let us move away from the attitude of always thinking “what it is in it for me” to the attitude of “how can I be of value to others”. You will be amazed at the results you receive. So be aware of your intentions. Have an awesome weekend. So what are you doing to Spread LOVE & RESPECTImage

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A couple of days ago I mentioned on my update on “HOW YOU DO ANYTHING IS HOW YOU DO EVERYTHING”. Be aware of how you conduct yourselves in all aspects of your life. The belief system of a person comes across through the words, actions and values at work and in their lives. A person who can lie to a client, can lie to you or a loved one. A person who gossips to you can gossip about you. A person who promises you that he/she will do something and never does, is someone who will constantly give excuses or lay blame. A judgmental person, will also judge you. A person who is never happy at others’ success, will find fault in everything that is positive and will steal dreams under the pretext of being “realistic”. Honesty, integrity, love, respect, commitment must be in all areas of lives – work and personal. HOW YOU ARE AT ANYTHING IS HOW YOU ARE AT EVERYTHING. May Allah guide me to constantly be aware of myself, my weaknesses and blindspots, and give me the strength to keep doing better and BEING a better person everyday so as to be able to keep spreading this message of LOVE & RESPECT. I pray the same for you.Image

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Who made you the judge ?

When we judge others, we are seeing things only from our own perspectives based on our own life experiences. If you find yourself criticising others for their lifestyles, behaviors, dressing, etc, it means you have to go over, extend your friendship and get to know them. When we judge, we create more walls instead of building bridges. If you want peace, BE peace. Spread LOVE & RESPECT!
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Can you help me ?

The last couple of days, I have encountered meetings with wonderful souls and have managed to read though some of your FB statuses. One of them that stood out was from Yasmin Ahmad who has to deal with people who say that they do not need to attend any of her training as they are already trainers and that they are the “Subject Matter Experts”. I too have met my share of people who say they know everything there is to know already. When people say that, it only shows that they are hiding behind a protective wall afraid to show that they are in fact NOT all that.

I get that we are a society that is built mainly on meritocracy. We have to be good or even great to stay ahead. We have been trained to say things that do not show any form of weakness. I notice however, that this has gotten deep into their subconscious and that people have generally become afraid to show their vulnerabilities and admit any form of weakness.

“Oh! I am a trainer, I do not need to attend any more training”… “I am the boss, I don’t need your opinions. What I say goes!”… “I am the teacher. What I teach is right, whatever you think otherwise is wrong”… “I am the parent…” well you get the idea. I love what Lavin Seow said over our lunch date, “It shows strength when you admit your weaknesses”.

Yes, trainers need to trained, teachers to be educated, coaches need coaching, and motivators need motivation too. We are all human. We are not perfect. I love that one of my friends who is an Ustaz (religious teacher) who shares with me that in his work, he reminds others to do Good and yet he has to fight his own demons sometimes. He says he is grateful that his wife is his constant reminder and companion who encourages and motivates him. Because of that too, he is reminded to not be judgmental and preachy to others.

We are not alone. We all have each other and all it takes is to ask for help and there are hands that are just waiting to reach out to give help.

I saw this happen in just a few days this week when Zeal Zainuddin and Sheik M James Splinter managed to raise money to help build more than 5 wells in Cambodia (so far), pay the salaries of teachers, buy books and clothe the toddlers who will otherwise run around naked because they don’t have money for clothes.

Let’s be a society of people full of compassion. People who raise each other up. People who are not afraid to ask for help. People who say its OK if we are not perfect. People who forgive. People who SPREAD LOVE & RESPECT.

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Girl! You MUST be tired !

So…Do I NOT get tired with all these activities like back to back training, travel, coaching, building entrepreneur hubs, taking care of family etc? I have often been asked this…and yes, I do feel overwhelmed sometimes. I have mentioned to some of my close friends that sometimes all I want is to just take a really long nap while someone gives me a full body massage until I am ready to get up. While I do make at least a day a month for a treat like this for ME (with the money from my PLAY jar), I have this constant yearn to connect with others. I started feeling this push ever since I made a commitment to live my life SPREADING LOVE & RESPECT.

This I feel the moment I step into a room where I am conducting a training for a roomful of people. I often sense the energy of hope, some anger, some frustration, some happiness and a mixture of all sorts of emotional energies from people with different life stories. I get excited when I feel transformation happening in the room when we start our lesson. It’s something I just cannot describe.

It’s a similar feeling when I travel. Those who knew me from long ago (as in before my marriage) would know that I like to travel alone or join a group I don’t really know. I learned to release some of my own deep set anger and self-esteem issues, get to know myself better, learn to LOVE me, and release my own prejudices when I stay with locals and get to know them better.

Connecting with people, getting to know them, learning about our human behavior and psyche makes me want to get my sometimes heavy behind out there to connect with more people. Travelling gets me to feel a different vibration and puts me in a different level of vibration and awareness. I love that my husband too has this LOVE for connecting with different people and communities. I find that when I am connecting with different people, I learn to LOVE my Creator even more and feel HIS LOVE for all of us.

So yes, even this motivator needs motivation sometimes. I am just grateful for the people I have chosen to surround myself with. People who step in at the right time to remind me of what I need to do. I will keep on doing this work as long as my BODY, MIND and HEART are all still in working conditions because this SPIRIT within me keeps telling me that this has been good so far and that I can always do better.

So whatever that “better” may be, I will continue to keep on connecting with others, spreading the LOVE & RESPECT, getting people to do the same for themselves and others, and while all in this sometimes chaotic and busy process, I get to know ME better. And I am falling in LOVE with me. Just as I LOVE the souls that I get to connect with in the process. We are all in this together. SPREAD LOVE & RESPECT!

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Giving and Receiving with GRATITUDE

When you give – whether the giving is a donation, a charity, a birthday present, a referral, a treat, LOVE or any other forms of giving – be sure to notice your state of emotions and energy. Do not give while in a state of negativity. Do not give with the intention of fulfilling your ego and pride. Do not give too because you feel pity. Energy is transferable and it affects YOU and your life. Let us practice the habit of giving and receiving with GRATITUDE. Be GRATEFUL that you CAN give and that you are able to be of service. When receiving too, be GRATEFUL that you can receive and accept the act of LOVE. Lets remove that feeling of giving out of obligation, pity, or guilt. Let us just BE GRATEFUL. Ramadan Mubarak. Have a wonderful Friday evening, morning, afternoon wherever you are. Spread LOVE & RESPECT!


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Aren’t there any people YOU can help here ? Why go so far ?

I have had several comments like this so I am addressing this now. “Why do you have to go to Cambodia to help people when there are so many people having problems here in Malaysia ? Why not help Malaysians first ?”…well if you know of anyone who is in poverty and starving, PLEASE help them first asap! Do not wait for others to do something or complain about why other people like the leaders, government, their parents, etc are not helping those in need. For us, we had access and information about the folks and went there based on what we are capable of. We are private individuals, no deep pockets, but full of gratitude that we can do something in our own efforts. If we cannot be there physically , we will pray for those in need. Come on. Let us ALL take responsibility. NO blaming, justifying, criticising…Take INSPIRED ACTION. Do not question those who went out to help those in Gaza, Syria, Africa…They have access to go there to help so pray for them and send blessings. If you know anyone in your vicinity who is starving, in danger, etc go to them or take leadership to do something for them. Please…snide comments only indicate an unconscious guilt and a limiting belief that needs to be addressed. Be conscious, aware and be at peace…Ramadan Mubarak. Seek blessings from our Al-Mighty. SPREAD LOVE & RESPECT !


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Who is your customer ?

“The world is not interested in what we do for a living. What they are interested in is what we have to offer freely – hope, strength, love and the power to make a difference!” (Sasha Azevedo)…I had a wonderful meeting with a successful entrepreneur, who has many years of life and business experience and who I will be collaborating with. (God Willing). We had such a great conversation on our life purpose…why we are entrepreneurs and doing the work that we do ? (in whatever areas). Your work is to generate and create wealth, and doing something significant with the wealth to affect others so they in turn can create their own wealth and impact others. That is what business is all about. Who is our customer ? We all answer to ONE customer and that is God. Everyone else we deal with are our partners and we are all accountable to God. We are subjected to the Laws of the Universe. Even if people do not know or see the intentions, or break the human laws, everything is still subjected to the Laws of the Universe. When we leave this Earth, what is the legacy we leave behind. When we meet our Maker, what deeds have we done with the life that we have been given. What an awesome meeting. Go spread LOVE & RESPECT !
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