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You are not worth looking at


After a series of non-stop work, training, learning and giving efforts, (and still my diary shows there are a lot more in store!), I just woke up from a long nap due to exhaustion. Sorry if I missed your calls and have delayed replying messages. Thank you to all the congratulatory messages of my 10 year business anniversary this April month for the M & Z Empowerment training business. Time flies! I am reading through some messages in my inbox and I had some people asking why I have been posting only pictures lately and asking for my usual sharing of motivation and reflections. 

OK, I will share first on last Sunday’s streetfeeding experience. While we had our volunteers split up to distribute foods to various locations, Zeal Zainuddin and I took charge of taking care of the rest of the remaining foodstuff. We had some of the homeless people come over to pick up the foods. One lady came over when no one else was around and spent some time to talk and share her life story and opened her heart out to both of us. After reflecting on the incident, Zeal and I discussed about how people generally just want to be LOVED & RESPECTED. By the simple act of us regularly visiting, making eye contact and acknowledging the people who otherwise in their lives often feel unloved, we get connected. They have a sense of hope and worth. There are no walls built regarding status, or worldly titles that often place one person’s life higher than another. Unfortunately, I see this even in families where due to some level of “success”, one person is deemed more worthy than others. Guests with a certain “status” are given better treatment than others. Clients with more money are given more respect. Let us all reflect on this a little deeper. Why does this belief happen? What led to these beliefs that cause people to step on the weak? Do these beliefs serve a higher purpose? What can we do to change these?…Sleep well everyone. Spread LOVE & RESPECT.


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You have got to FEEL before you speak!

wording positiveWe all know that words have energy and we must choose our words wisely when we speak, write or text. How we feel affects our choice of words. The words then come out in our speech and in writing. We are often told to “think” before saying or writing something. However, I would like to urge each and everyone of us to FEEL first. If you FEEL hatred and anger, these affect your thoughts and the words you use comes out through your speech and in your writing. Readers and people listening can FEEL that vibe. Worse if they start internalising those negative words and those energies remain in their hearts too. So…before speaking or writing, clear your hearts first. Focus on solutions. Ingrain LOVE. Find ways to release those hurts before you spread them out to others. If its too difficult, you can start by saying LOVING words. Reading and speaking words filled with positivity and LOVE can also in turn influence your emotions. OK…now you can speak and write! Jumaat Mubarak. Have a great Friday evening. Spread LOVE & RESPECT! #spreadloveandrespect #murshidahsaid

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