Be Kind to Your Family First

September 15, 2021 murshidahsaid

 Reflection : I have heard of various refugee stories especially by women who face challenges of not only having to leave their homes because the countries they live in are not secure…but also because there are conflicts within their own families too. Where the people who are supposed to protect them in their own homes are also those who are hurting them.

Also, these stories are not limited to refugees only. I believe a lot of how people lead and treat others begins from how they are raised in their own homes. So please be sure to provide a safe environment first within your own families.

Where people feel safe to speak, discuss, ask and give support instead of living in an environment of condemning, attacking and distrust. Where the homes are hurtful within, people will create hurt without. Hurt people will hurt others. So start with your families first. Create a loving, safe and supportive relationship in your marriage so that you can create that loving supportive environment for your children, parents, siblings, extended families, neighbours and then spillover that LOVE & RESPECT onto others at work, in business, in your communities, in your countries and with others across the world. Simple. Start with yourself and your family. #murshidahsaid #murshidahsaidsharing #murshidahsaidcoaching #loveandrespecttransforms #loveandrespectcoach #loveandrespect #spreadloveandrespect #consciousbusinesscoach #consciousbusiness

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